Prestigious Companies to Work for in HK

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Randstad, Netherland’s largest human resources services firm, recently extended their research to Hong Kong. There, they asked 4,000 employees from different companies to name the best employer. To noone’s surprise, the Top 10 companies that made it to the list were all Hong Kong-born and no international corporation came close to sniffing this prestigious list.

So, in case you are looking for the best company to go and showcase your talents, here is a list of the best of Hong Kong.

MTR Corporation

The crème le crème of all was MTR Corporation, which specializes in rail operation. Fifty-six percent of the surveyed population admired the company’s corporate culture and astounding branding. This, as most Hong Kong citizens claimed, is the most admirable and desired company to work at.

Founded in 1979, this corporation is responsible for the most exquisite transit railway network in all of Hong Kong. They definitely managed to position themselves firmly into the market, and it is now safe to assume they monopolise this industry. The company does not fail to acknowledge their employees who have taken it to the eagle heights it now prides itself in. Because of this, employees are the core of the company and making them happy is what guarantees continuous impressive margins.


Famous for her unique workplace culture, Disneyland managed to scoop first place for this criteria. Disneyland boasts a vibrant and diverse culture where every single employee is treated like a major asset to the company, and expected to make autonomous contributions that tally with corporate values. The relaxed and family-oriented environment could be what boosted sales by 22 percent in the year 2011 alone.

Jockey Club

Marketing today goes beyond aggression, and the Jockey Club has proven that corporate social responsibility is an integral part of any company that aims to succeed. It is no wonder that this company was deemed the expert in this area.

Although we might agree that this company is obliged to interacting with the public at a larger scale, they have gone the extra mile in proving to society that their intentions are more than just winning them over for profits’ sake. This company supports all psychological disorders and showed their support for Hong Kong’s mobile health checks for dementia – useful, considering that we live in very frustrating times.

Hang Seng Bank

Multinational banks did not even stand a chance against Hang Seng Bank. Rated the most attractive employee, this bank has a lot to be proud of. In Hang Seng you do not find ordinary bankers sitting behind a cubicle all day; the bank is a firm believer in arts and culture and does not shy away from this field.

Employees are required to take part in all after-office activities. This not only strengthens teamwork, but also builds mutual trust between all employees and gives everyone the enthusiasm to come back to work every single week.

Swire Pacific

Famous for diversity, this company focuses on property, aviation, beverages and marine services. Nothing seems to slow them down, and they still manage to outshine their competitors. They promise their employees work-life balance and career progression with a commendable retirement plan, and this seems to have earned them committed and loyal employees who will do anything to see the company succeed.


The winning attribute is the ability of the above companies to provide solid career opportunities for their employees as people seek competitive salaries, career advancement and a conducive working environment. So by binding yourself to one of these conglomerates, you will not only get to grow as an individual but also satisfy your career needs.