7 Easy Saving Tips For Lazy People

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easy money-saving tips

You don’t always have to make drastic lifestyle changes to save money and boost your finances. Check out the following easy tips that even the laziest person can follow to save more.

1. Sign Up For Monthly Deposit Saving Plans

Monthly deposit saving plans offer you flexible choices based on the amount and tenor you prefer. Lazy factor: monthly deposits can be made using autopay, saving you the effort of depositing yourself.

2. Find Special Offers and Discounts Online

Visit websites such as Voucher Codes and iPrice.hk to find discounts, exclusive deals and voucher codes offered by various merchants in Hong Kong. Food lovers can also check out OpenRice.com for coupons accepted at different local restaurants.

Lazy factor: just sit and browse through the list of deals online instead of searching for offers separately.

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3. Make Good Use of Mobile Apps

Download free mobile app such as Gaifong, which is the ideal tool for people who prefer renting to buying. Users can rent anything from people nearby at low prices, saving you not only money but also space!

Lazy factor: rent from people in your neighbourhood so you don’t need to travel anywhere.

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4. Shorten Your Shower Time

If a family of four shorten their shower time by 2 minutes, they can save 96 litres of water in total, according to the Water Supplies Department. Moreover, 0.6 unit of electricity would be saved for every cubic meter of water saved.

Lazy factor: turn off the water when you feel clean, that’s it, seriously.

5. Carry a Water Bottle With You

Bring a water bottle with you to work and simply fill up from the company water cooler when you feel thirsty. This helps you avoid those small purchases on coffee and soft drinks that really add up in the long term.

Lazy factor: save money simply by putting a bottle in your bag. Drinking just water and tea is also an easy way to stay healthy too!

6. Avoid the Malls

Steer clear of shopping centers if you are susceptible to impulse buying. Go to grocery stores and supermarkets less if you often go in for a couple of items and leave with an empty wallet.

Lazy factor: Save yourself the trip, if you really need something – then buy it online instead.

7. Unsubscribe From Deal Emails

Sometimes it’s not easy to control the urge to buy. You can simply unsubscribe from e-newsletters of your favourite stores to remove the temptation to spend.

Lazy factor: click unsubscribe. There you go. It’s done.


You see, saving money doesn’t require a lot of effort.

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