7 Surprising Ways to Save on Clothing

7 Surprising Ways to Save on Clothing

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We don’t shop for clothes as often as we go shopping for food or groceries, but when we do, we tend to spend a considerable amount of money. Buying clothes only when there’s a sale or shopping at thrift shops are great ways to save when buying clothes. Taking advantage of credit card discounts and special offers with partner merchants is also a good way to save.


However, there are many other tricks to save even more money on clothing that are not only easy to do, but more practical too! Check out these 7 other ways to help you save money when you buy new clothes and avoid unnecessary clutter in your closet.

Swap clothes with friends.

Get your friends together and raid your closets for pieces that you don’t wear anymore, and swap these with each other! Not only do you get to free up more space in your closet but you get to try something new with your friends! You can always bring back home the pieces that aren’t taken or drop these off at a charity for good karma.


Sell your old clothes before you buy new ones.

Most people, especially ladies, might already have too many clothes in their closets but still feel like they don’t have anything to wear some days! If you find yourself in a similar situation, then you might want to get rid of some pieces you no longer wear, by holding a garage sale. This way, you’d have some additional cash to buy new clothes with. Also, you might even find pieces you’d like to put back into regular use.

Try “no-sew” tricks to repair worn out clothes.

Sewing is a handy skill to have and sewing worn-out clothes or sewing ill-fitting clothes can help you avoid spending on new clothes. But what should you do if you’re not so adept with using a needle and thread? There are special glues such as the “Bostik Sew No-More” glue that you can use to repair a wide range of materials including fabric, leather, and leatherette and you could machine-wash the shirt you just repaired. You can also use rivets or hot glue stick but that last one is more appropriate for smaller accessories.

Use old clothes to make new pieces.

Why sell or give away old clothes when you can make new pieces out of the fabric? If you have small kids who have outgrown their tiny colourful socks, then you could just cut off the closed end and roll ‘it up to make an elastic hair tie. An old t-shirt can be turned into a tank top with a few choice cuts. Crank up the creativity even more and you can make scarves, aprons, and more all from your old clothes.

Say goodbye to missing socks.

I’ve lost so many socks that I try to get away with wearing non-matching socks when I go out (hooray, pants!). I’ve bought a mesh bag to put my socks in when I put them in the laundry machine so there’s less chance of losing one of the pair. Problem solved!


Decode those symbols on your shirt tags.

Washing clothes frequently can speed up wear and tear so you might want to read the tags on your clothes to learn how to properly wash them. You can use blue jeans and coats/ jackets several times before washing, to help prolong their useful life. Some symbols are easy enough to understand, the fourth one above means do not iron. Others are a bit harder to get but the most important ones and the ones that can help you save money by avoiding special care are the triangle (second symbol) and the circle (fifth and last). A crossed out triangle means Do Not Bleach while a crossed out circle means Do Not Dry Clean.


Use black sharpies for minor touch ups.

For minor scuffs on leather goods such as shoes or jackets, you can hide these by using a sharpie pen! It’s super quick and easy!