A Couple’s Guide to Price Comparison – Part 2 – The Best Value Credit Cards for Dining Out in Hong Kong

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DinningWith so many things to do, places to explore, things to buy and food to eat, as a couple you’ll never get bored of spending time together in Hong Kong. But like in most international cities, a busy lifestyle in Hong Kong can be expensive. The team at MoneyHero.com.hk knows this all too well, which is why our personal finance experts have put together a series of 10 comparison tables to help couples like you save money while enjoying life in Hong Kong.

This time we show you ‘foodie’ couples how to earn miles and save up to HK$26,000 a year when eating out with the right credit card.


Want to find out which cards actually offer you those deals on dining? Then check out our credit card comparison portal here. 

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