HSBC FirstCare Medical Insurance

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Hong Kong must be one of the few countries in the world to have free medical services; however, just like everywhere else, there are always strings attached – these benefits do not offer dental or maternity care unless it is an emergency. Seeing this, HSBC strategized and came up with a plan which they named HSBC FirstCare Medical Insurance which would provide the people of Hong Kong with a vast amount of benefits from which they have the freedom of selecting what would best meet their medical needs.

What is HSBC FirstCare Medical Insurance?

HSBC promises you some tender care with FirstCare Medical Insurance plan, their services cover dental maternity and some outpatient benefits so you are certain of always having reliable aid at your finger tips.

There are essentially four plans from which you could choose from and these include: Basic Plan, Essential Plan, Privilege Plan and Company Top-up plans which all come with a lifetime renewal plan.

On top of that, there is also an eternal renewal plan and the bank offers free medical services and check-ups for which with the consultancy of their stuff guarantee patients overseas treatment and a worldwide emergency helpline are provided. This is of course one of the unique features of the HSBC FirstCare Medical Insurance, which will evidently be hard to top – so competitors best beware.

Terms and Conditions

The plan is available to anyone below the age of 75, including their guardian children, step children below the age of 17 as well as full time college students below the age of 23. Sounds like a fair deal!

Premium payments are made ever so convenient as the use of credit cards and debit cards is highly promoted, this way; you can pay while you are on the move so skipping any payments will not be an option.

Should the client wish to renew the agreement, HSBC Bank highly recommend that foreword be given 45 days before renewal period, thereafter, renewal is automatic and is a lifetime guarantee. If at any time you wish to cancel your plan, then it is advised that you notify the bank 15 days before hand as this will ensure that you are given your money back. Failure to do so may result in the bank forfeiting your deposit. So the choice is yours.

Most importantly, read and understand all the fine print before you put your signature on paper and bind yourself to a lifetime contract.