How Paypal makes your life so simple

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How Paypal Here makes your life so simple

Let’s face it; online shopping has been trending for a while now and it looks like it is here to stay! Hong Kong  among other countries has been bitten by this bug and to accommodate such growth, companies like PayPal have come up with the most convenient ways of making this a phenomenal and wholesome experience for the most part of the population.

PayPal Here – What is it?

PayPal’s latest creativity stunt is their chip which you plugin to your iPhone or Android hand phone, making it convenient for you to  to receive and make payments. The card reader acts like a mini Auto Machine Teller and basically has similar functions.

You are probably thinking: ‘Such a tool could cost me a fortune!’ So I will save you the trauma and explain that that the PayPal Here Chip is free – YES, absolutely free.

Be serious… how much do I have to pay?

If you still doubt that such technology can be free of charge, here is what you will be getting out of this deal:

  • FREE Set –up
  • NO Monthly fee
  • NO Hidden costs
  • FREE Paypal acco unt
  • FREE Paypal Here card reader

Word of caution: beware of the 4.2% + HK$ 2.35 rate per transaction.

How can the Paypal Here card reader change my business perspective?

Besides saving you money because it is free?

Upon successful registration, Paypal sends each of their registered customers a brand new free card reader from where users enjoy the endless benefits of utmost convenience.

If you for any reason do not wish to use your Master, Visa or American Express card, there is always the option of using the PayPal chip on your phone.

The advanced encryption on the small reader card offers the most security of all, therefore you can rest assured that you will never be a victim of fraud.

How exactly does the PayPal Here Chip work?

Be sure to follow these five steps and you will not get lost.

  1. Attach the PayPal Here chip to your phone
  2. Update your inventory
  3. Swipe your Master, Visa or AE card
  4. Hand your phone to the customer for verificatiotn
  5. Send them a receipt via email

And that ladies and gentlemen is how you can do your business on the move!