How Much Will You Save by Stop Smoking?

INFOGRAPHIC: How Much Will You Save by Stop Smoking?

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How Much Will You Save If You Stop Smoking?

Smoking is one of the world’s most addictive vices. Over 50% of smokers in Hong Kong smoke 11-20 sticks every day. That’s close to 33,000 people within Hong Kong alone. Despite the Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance, which bans smoking indoors and in public places, the Department of Health’s Tobacco Control Office reports that 16% of Hong Kong’s population are smokers.

Besides damaging health, smoking also does significant damage to your wealth. A pack of cigarettes aren’t the only thing smokers need to pay for; there are hidden costs too. See the infographic below to find out how much you’re spending on your smoking habit – and how much you can save by quitting now.


Alongside quitting smoking, strategies to budget other expenses in daily life matter too in saving money.

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