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The Dark Side of Frequent Travel: What are the potential health risks and how you can guard against them

By MoneyHero

As people travel more often and further away in the increasingly globalized business world, passengers are now exposed to a number of factors that may pose risks on their health and well-being – the changes… Read More

How to Cover Your Cost When Dental Problems Arise During Your Trip

By MoneyHero

When choosing a health insurance plan, most people give priority to standard medical benefits such as coverage for hospital charges, inpatient treatment or even medical evacuation. But very often coverage for dental care is overlooked.… Read More

How a global health plan protects you when you need immediate medical care?

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We all expect our trips to go off smoothly but life is sometimes unexpected. When you have an accident or sudden illness in a foreign country, it is crucial to have the 24 hours global… Read More