“YATA X KUMAMOTO” • Titanium Card
Last Updated: Oct 2021
$ 80,000
Min. Annual Income
0.5 %
Local Spending - Cashback Rate
on local retail spending
(Non-direct Cashback) For local spending: 0.5% cashback
2 %
Overseas Spending - Cashback Rate
on overseas retail spending
(Non-direct Cashback) For local spending: 0.5% cashback; For overseas spending: 2% cashback
Up to 2.5% rebate on overseas spending in Japan
Perpetual Annual Fee Waiver
Annual Fee Waiver
Digital Wallet Rebate
Utilities Wallet Rebate
Octopus Reload Rebate

Great for

  • Suitable for YATA regular shoppers
  • YATA Credit Card Bonus Point Program - Earn Bonus Points while spending. You can redeem cash rebates, mileage awards and gift vouchers with Gift Points.
    • Spend HK$1 = 1 Bonus Point. (For every 25,000 bonus points, you can redeem HK$100 cash credit or cash coupon, rebate 0.4%. Platinum cardholder can even redeem HK$200 cash credit with 40,000 bonus points, rebate up to 0.5%.)
    • Enjoy 5X bonus point by using “YATA X KUMAMOTO” • Titanium Card in Japan. (up to 2.5% rebate).
  • Enjoy multiple shopping privileges at YATA
    • Enjoy HK$50 YATA Gift Certificate for every HK$2,000 spending per month, rebate up to 2.5%.
    • The remaining spending amount or the spending amount less than HK$2,000 will be automatically accumulated for the “Balance Reward” after deduction of the “Monthly Reward” above. You will also be entitled to an extra HK$50 YATA Gift Certificate for every accumulated spending of HK$5,000 within 6 months (cut-off date will be April 15 and October 15 of each year).
    • Enjoy up to 10% off on the purchase of designated products at YATA.
    • Upon purchase of the designated products with HK$1,500 or above at YATA, you can enjoy interest-free installment plan with repayment period up to 36 months. For every HK$1 repaid, you will be entitled to 1 credit card bonus point.
  • “Sure Win Spending Rewards” brings you guarantee extra bonus points
    • You will have the chance of winning 2,000, 3,000 or 30,000 extra bonus points when you spent HK$600 or above for each time.
  • Perpetual Annual Fee Waiver

Need to know

  • The Points accumulated will be valid for up to one year (calculated by Membership year).
    • Voided or expired Points will be automatically purged and cannot be extended or redeemed.
  • Have to call Fubon Bank Integrated Customer Service Hotline for rewards redemption.
    • If the reward redemption is made via mail-in or fax-in, HK$10 administrative fee per application will be charged.

Year-round rewards

Local Spending
(Non-direct Cashback) For local spending: 0.5% cashback
Overseas Spending
(Non-direct Cashback) For local spending: 0.5% cashback; For overseas spending: 2% cashback
Online Shopping Spending (Local)
Online Shopping Spending (Overseas)
Octopus Top Up Spending


Minimum Age
18 years old
Min. Annual Income


Annual fee
Perpetual Annual Fee Waiver
Foreign Currency Transaction Fee


Minimum Payment
Minimum HK$200 or the aggregate amount of all the following items (whichever amount is higher): (a) all interest and fees and charges (including the current Finance Charge); plus (b) 1% of the remaining outstanding balance of transactions; plus (c) any amount exceeding the available Credit Limit and the minimum amount from the previous month which remains unpaid
Late payment charge
5% of the outstanding Minimum Payment Due or HK$200 (whichever is higher, and capped at HK$300. However, the Late Charge will not exceed the amount of Minimum Payment Due shown on the card statement.)
Retail Purchase APR
Cash Advance APR
Interest Free Repayment Period
56 days

Other information

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