PrimeCredit Revolving Loan

Update time: Aug 2022

Total Repayment (as low as)


Monthly Repayment (as low as)


APR (as low as)

Monthly Flat Rate: 4.56%
No income proof is required for loan amount of HK$50,000 or less, minimum monthly repayment

Great for

  • Instant approval and withdrawal, no income proof is required for loan amounts of HK$50,000 or less
  • Minimum monthly repayment
  • No fixed repayment period, instant cash withdrawal
  • 24 x 7 Direct transfer cash for revolving loan account to any other back account
  • No handling fee, first year waiver for annual fee, no early settlement fee
  • Only applicable to eligible customers. For more loan details, please visit PrimeCredit's website

Need to know

  • For the details of the loan, please contact PrimeCredit. PrimeCredit reserves its absolute rights on the final loan decision and any disputes
  • Warning: You have to repay your loans. Don't pay any intermediaries
    Enquiry and Complaint Hotline: 2111 2999
    Money Lender's Licence No.: 775/2022


Minimum Age

Steps to Apply

1. Apply online
2. Authenticate identity through face recognition
3. Approve instantly
4. Verify and disburse loan

Required Documents

2. Address proof

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