WeLab Bank Debt Consolidation Loan
Update time: Jul 2022
Total Repayment (as low as)
Monthly Repayment (as low as)
APR (as low as)
Monthly Flat Rate: 0.07%
Reduce interest expense up to 97% and enjoy HK$0 handling fee
Complete your application as fast as in 3 steps and get your loan in 1 day at the earliest

Great for

  • [MoneyHero Exclusive Offer 1] An iPhone 13 (128GB) or up to HK$5,000 Supermarket Coupon
    From 1 August 2022 to 31 August 2022, customers who use the referral code "NLHERO" and fulfill specific drawdown requirements can be entitled to the following MoneyHero exclusive offer.

    Loan Amount
    Tenor Offer
    HK$800,001 or above 24 months or above

    iPhone 13 (128GB) (valued at HK$6,799, random colour) OR HK$5,000 Supermarket Coupon

    HK$500,001 to HK$800,000

     Dyson Purifier Cool Autoreact TP7A (valued at HK$4,480; random colour) OR HK$3,000 Supermarket Coupon

    HK$200,001 to HK$800,000 HK$1,000 Supermarket Coupon
    HK$80,001 to HK$200,000 HK$500 Supermarket Coupon

    How to redeem MoneyHero exclusive offer?

    • Note down your application reference number for reference. You will be asked to upload all required documents when you apply the card to facilitate the approval process.
    • Within 7 days of receiving the email, complete the redemption form sent via email for verification and follow-up. MoneyHero will verify your reward eligibility with WeLab Bank.
    • Tips:
    • Terms and Conditions apply
  • [MoneyHero Exclusive Offer 2] HK$300 Spending Rebate

    • From now till 31 Auugust 2022, new customers who have successfully entered the referral code "NLHERO" in the last step of WeLab Bank account opening can enjoy a 100% spending rebate capped at HK$300 in the first 30 days as an account opening reward. The spending rebate will be allocated regardless of loan approval and/or drawdown.
    • The rebate amount will be directly credited to your bank account.
    • Terms and Conditions apply
  • [WeLab Bank Offer 1] Up to HK$3,000 Cash Rebate

    • New customers, from now till 31 October 2022, can entitle to up to HK$3,000 cash rebate upon the fulfillment of the particular conditions by successful application via MoneyHero
    Loan Amount
    Tenor Cash Rebate

    HK$700,000 to HK$1,000,000

    24 months or above HK$3,000
    HK$300,000 to HK$699,999 HK$1,000
    HK$80,000 to HK$299,999 HK$500
    • The Cash Rebate amount will be credited into your Core Account on or before 31 January 2023
  • [WeLab Bank Offer 2] Loan-Deposit-Link Offer

    • Customers, from now till 30 September 2022, who successfully apply for and draw down a particular loan amount can enjoy a 0.68% p.a. saving rate
    Conditions Welcome offer

    Apply for and draw down a loan with HK$80,000 or above and a tenor of 24 months or above

    Loan-Deposit-Link Offer: can enjoy 0.68% (including Rebate Rate and Core Account Interest Rate)

  • WeLab Bank understands your needs. With our exclusive "Loan Masters", we can base on your basic requirement on personal loan, provide personalized solutions out of hundreds of thousands of combinations, then provide you with 2 more flexible plans apart from the basic plan:

    • Basic Plan: according to your basic requirement on loan
    • Smooth Plan:  lower monthly repayment amount
    • Bonus Plan: Larger loan amount to ensure you have sufficient funds
  • The whole process is done by mobile phone, you can borrow without leaving home or showing up
  • Reduce interest expense up to 97% and enjoy HK$0 handling fee
  • Tailor a personalized repayment plan for you to centralize card debts and pay off the debts in one go
  • Loan amount up to HK$1,000,000 or up to 18x monthly salary (whichever is lower)
  • Loan tenor options available up to 72 months

Need to know

  • Get up to HK$3,000 cash rebate transferred directly into your account in the first month after successful loan drawdown. The release of the cash rebate requires 15 working days after the date of loan disbursement
  • Same day disbursement at the earliest: The estimated period is calculated from the day the loan agreement is signed. The actual approval period and the actual time the loan is disbursed may vary upon information provided by the applicants.
  • The Annualized Percentage Rate (“APR”) of 1.68% is calculated based on a loan amount of HK$300,000 or above and repayment tenor of 12 to 24 months, please refer to WeLab Bank official website for more details


Minimum Age
18 years old
Min. Annual Income
Permanent Resident


Handling Fee

Steps to Apply

1. Apply through WeLab Bank app
2. Upload documents
3. Verify and get approval
4. Disburse loan

Required Documents

1. Address proof within the latest 3 months
2. Income proof
Employed with regular income: latest 1 month;
Freelancer or employed with variable income: latest 3 months

For business owner:
a. latest 3 months personal bank statement, and
b. latest 6 months company bank statements or salary tax demand note

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