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  1. MoneyHero著數聯盟:即「卡」玩即「卡」送終極之戰獎賞活動】(「活動」) (「MoneyHero」)舉辦。
  2. 活動只供曾於2019328日至42日期間參與【MoneyHero著數聯盟:即「卡」玩即「卡」送獎賞活動】的MoneyHero客戶參與。
  3. 參加者在【MoneyHero著數聯盟:即「卡」玩即「卡」送獎賞活動】中每次正確回答一個問題,則可得到一次在活動中贏取獎品的機會。每人最多可參與活動4次。
  4. 是次活動獎品為HK$3,000 東瀛遊旅遊禮券。
  5. 參加者必須經【MoneyHero著數聯盟:即「卡」玩即「卡」送獎賞活動】申請合資格信用卡,並於2019410日或之前獲批合資格信用卡,方合資格領取獎品。詳情請參閱MoneyHero著數聯盟:即「卡」玩即「卡」送獎賞活動】推廣條款及細則
  6. 每增加25名參加者,將會額外增加1份獎品。
  7. 每名參加者最多只可獲得一份獎品。獎品不能轉售、交換或兌換現金。MoneyHero保留更改至其它價值相近獎品的權利,並不作另行通知。
  8. 參加者如成功獲得獎賞,將會於2019415日收到來自MoneyHero的電郵通知。
  9. 得獎者必須於親身前往九龍旺角廣東道982號嘉富商業中心17樓領取獎品。領取獎賞時,合資格客戶必須攜同由MoneyHero寄出之確認電郵及身份證明文件以確認換領資格。
  10. 一旦參與此活動,參加者即同意容許發卡機構以信用卡申請編號向MoneyHero透露合資格信用卡的批核狀況。
  11. 參與此活動並不會令參加者失去領取其它與合資格信用卡相關的推廣優惠之資格。
  12. 如有任何爭議,MoneyHero保留最終決定權並對所有參加者具約束力。
  13. 對於由第三方對任何參加者發布的有關活動獎品之真確性,MoneyHero概不負責。
  14. 此活動獨立於MoneyHero所推出其它任何推廣優惠。
  15. 得獎者將由MoneyHero全權決定。
  16. MoneyHero保留於推廣期內更改此條款及細則,或中止活動的權利,並不作另行通知。
  17. 獎品由各分銷商提供。MoneyHero及東亞銀行不會就獎品的品質或適用性作代表、保用或保證,亦不會保證其準確度或完整程度。如有任何查詢,請向有關分銷商索賠或投訴。
  18. 你若因參與此活動直接或間接造成或承受任何破壞或損失,MoneyHero及東亞銀行概不負責。
  19. 此條款及細則之中英文版內容如有歧義,概以英文版本為準。

MoneyHero BEA Credit Card Promotion Final Game (“Promotion”) Terms and Conditions

  1. This Promotion is organised by (“MoneyHero”).
  1. This Promotion is open to customers of MoneyHero who participated in the MoneyHero BEA Credit Card Promotion from 28 March 2019 to 2 April 2019.
  1. Participants may enter the Final Game up to a maximum of 4 times depending on how many questions they answered correctly in the BEA Credit Card Promotion for a chance to win the Prize.
  1. The Prize for this Promotion is a HK$3,000 travel coupon from EGL Tour.
  1. Participants must be approved for the Eligible Card that they applied for as part of the MoneyHero BEA Credit Card Promotion on or before 10 April 2019 to be eligible to receive the Prize. Please refer to MoneyHero BEA Credit Card Promotion T&C for details.
  1. One additional Prize will be added for every 25 participants of this Promotion.
  1. Each participant may only be awarded a maximum of one Prize. Prizes may not be resold, exchanged or redeemed for cash. MoneyHero reserves the right to change any Prize to another of similar value without prior notice.
  1. Participants will be notified via an email from MoneyHero on 15 April 2019 if they are eligible to receive the Prizes.
  1. Winners must collect the reward in person from 17th Floor, Prosperity Centre, 982 Canton Road, Mong Kok, Kln. To collect the Reward, Winners must also bring along the notification email from MoneyHero and their identification document for verification.

  2. By participating in this Promotion, participants agree to the entity issuing the Eligible Card informing MoneyHero of their card approval status via their card application number.
  1. Participating in this Promotion does not prevent customers from receiving other rewards from MoneyHero in connection with their application for the Eligible Card.
  1. In case of any disputes, MoneyHero reserves the right to make the final decision which shall be binding on participants

  2. MoneyHero is not responsible for inaccurate prize details supplied to any participant by any third party connected with this Promotion.
  1. This Promotion is separate and independent from any other promotional offers from MoneyHero.
  1. Prize(s) will be awarded to participants at MoneyHero's sole discretion.

  2. MoneyHero reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time or to terminate the Promotion without prior notice.

  3. Prizes are provided by their respective distributors. MoneyHero and the Bank of East Asia do not make any representations, warranties or undertakings regarding the quality or suitability of the Prizes and does not guarantee their accuracy or completeness. Any enquiries, claims or complaints should be directed to the respective distributors.
  1. MoneyHero and the Bank of East Asia are not responsible or liable for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, arising out of or in connection with participation in this Promotion.
  1. In the event of any conflict between the English and Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.