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Compare Domestic Helper Insurance in HK
Compare 10+ domestic helper insurances and get a full picture of the premium and coverage of the plans!
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Tips for Domestic Helper Insurance

  • Get a better domestic helper insurance plan which can meet your needs.
  • Buy domestic helper insurance at a cheaper price and save up to HK$600.
  • Enjoy higher maximum benefit, the difference can be HK$10,000.

Most insurance companies in Hong Kong categorize their products into 2 main types, which are basic plan and maid insurance. The basic plans cover the one whose employment status is part-time or full time. On the other hand, maid insurance plans only cover full time overseas maids:

Insurance Plan Part-time domestic helpers Full-time local helpers Full-time overseas helpers
Basic plans
Maid insurance plans

Besides, you can choose standard or premium plan, the price, coverage and maximum benefit are different:

Insurance Plan Standard Plan Premium Plan
Premium(1-year) HK$450 HK$680
Clinical Expenses Cover(1-year) HK$2,000 HK$4,500
Personal Liability Cover
Re-hiring Expenses
Fidelity Protection

(The above table is comparing Dah Shing Standard and Premium plans)

Before purchasing any plan, You should first compare personal liability cover because if maids cause casualties injury and death of a third party, the claims amount cannot very huge. For example, if a domestic helper drops a window to the floor accidentally and hit a person on the street, employer has to bear the compensation. The amount can be thousands to million.

Insurance Company Personal Liability Cover
Dah Sing, Prudential, Hong Leong, Allied World, AIG, AXA HK$100,000
Blue Cross, QBE HK$200,000

Notice: Comparing domestic helper insurance premium plans

Clinical expenses cover is basic and important. You should consider this cover after comparing personal liability cover. Most insurance companies provide maximum benefit from HK$2,000 to 4,000.

Insurance Company Clinical Expenses Cover
Dah Sing, QBE, Falcon HK$2,000
Blue Cross, Hong Leong, MSIG HK$3,000
Prudential, AIG, AXA, FWD HK$4,000
Allied World Up to 25 FREE general physician consultations

Notice: Comparing domestic helper insurance premium plans

If you do not buy domestic helper insurance for your maid, you have to bear the expense if he or she is sent to hospital. Most insurance companies provide maximum benefit from HK$2,0000 to 3,0000.

Insurance Company Surgical and Hospitalization Expenses Cover
Blue Cross, Falcon HK$20,000
Hong Leong、AXA、QBE HK$25,000
Dah Sing、Prudential、AIG、FWD, MSIG HK$30,000
Allied World HK$80,000

Notice: Comparing domestic helper insurance premium plans

Repatriation expenses cover is important when the domestic helper is no longer suitable to work due to serious illness, injury or death. Most domestic helper insurances cover the cost to send the helper back his or her home country. The maximum benefit is from HK$1,0000 to 2,5000.

Insurance Company Repatriation Expenses Cover
QBE HK$10,000
AIG / AXA HK$15,000
Blue Cross / Dah Sing / Hong Leong / Allied World / Falcon / MSIG HK$20,000
Prudential / FWD HK$25,000

Notice: Comparing domestic helper insurance premium plans

If the domestic helpers steal the personal valuables from employers or perform any dishonest act which causes money loss, fidelity guarantee cover can compensate the loss of he employers. Some even cover the cost of unauthorized long distance calls. The maximum benefit is from HK$4,000 to 1,0000.

Insurance Company Fidelity Guarantee Cover
FWD HK$5,000
Allied World HK$6,000
AIG / MSIG/ Hong Leong HK$10,000
Blue Cross / Prudential HK$15,000
Dah Sing / AXA / QBE HK$20,000

Notice: Comparing domestic helper insurance premium plans

When the fidelity guarantee cover is valid, the employer can claim the cost of replacing a lock.The maximum benefit is HK$500 per year which is provided by Dah Shing Insurance and prudential insurance only.

Notice: Comparing domestic helper insurance premium plans

Sometimes you may hear from the news that young family member was abused by the domestic helper. If it happens, employer can claim the medical expenses though this coverage. So far, only Allied World and Dah Shing Insurance provide medical expenses cover for abuses of family members.

Notice: Comparing domestic helper insurance premium plans

AXA, QBE, Dah Shing, Prudential, Hong Leong, Blue Cross, AIG, FWD, MSIG, Allied World, Falcon are providing domestic helper insurance plans. Compare the premium and coverage of the plans and choose the best one which meets your needs!

*The above information is updated on 12/12/2017. For the latest information, please refer to the policies provided by insurance companies.

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