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Credit Cards FAQs

All credit cards have perks but some credit cards give out special promotions and offers when used at food chains and affiliated restaurants. Banks such as DBS, Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC and Citibank offers these kinds of dining credit cards which let you earn cashback or more reward points if you dine at your favourite restaurants and use your card to settle your bills. These cards are perfect for people who love to dine out and use them for dining purchases more than on any other store or service, such as petrol stations and supermarkets.

Credit card dining promotions and offers could also come in the form of special discounts, exclusive promotions, and free gifts offered only to cardholders. Credit card providers partner with hundreds of restaurants, food outlets, and even coffee shops to reward loyal customers who pay using their credit cards.

Depending on the credit card, you still earn the regular reward points when you use your dining credit card to shop at department stores, cinemas, or petrol stations. However, you can earn bonus cashback or reward points whenever you use it at partner restaurants.

To find out about dining promotions and offers that your credit card entitles you to, all you need to do is visit the card provider's website and look at available offers from your credit card. These offers and promos, such as restaurant discounts, can usually be redeemed within a specific period of time. You will often have to meet certain terms and conditions, such as a minimum purchase amount, before you can benefit from these special dining privileges.

Just like the cashback and reward points that you earn when you use your credit cards, the bonus points or cashback that you get from using your dining credit card at restaurants will be automatically reflected on the rewards program. For some special promos and offers, you may have to register with your credit card issuer first to redeem them.

There are some credit cards that offer year-long deals for dining, so depending on your lifestyle, it's up to you to find a credit card that allows you to maximize your dining privileges.

You can generally get dining rebate for eligible transactions made at dining outlets in Hong Kong and in Hong Kong Dollars, including fast food shops, hotel restaurants and bars, transactions such as banquet services, private parties, dining outlets in food courts, department stores and supermarkets will be excluded. Eligible transactions are classified according to merchant codes or transaction types as defined by the bank and international organizations.
Basically dining rebate can only be used for credit card settlement and deduction of new spending, and cannot be exchanged for cash, used to settle minimum payment and is not transferable. Dining rebate will be rounded to the nearest 10 cents. You should read and understand the credit card's terms and conditions to save money and hassle.
Apart from comparing the offers and rewards, you also need to look at the cash back rates, annual fees, interest rates, penalty charges and terms and conditions of the credit cards. With an advanced credit card comparison tool like, this task has been made much easier for consumers like you. With just a few clicks of a button, you can easily compare different credit cards in Hong Kong and see which one is most suitable for your needs.
A credit card for dining usually has reward point or cash back plans, which you could redeem supermarket vouchers, air miles, or cash rebates, meeting different cardholder's needs. Credit cards can accumulate reward points and also work with designated restaurants and bars to provide exclusive dining offers -- what a double offer!

Before using a credit card for dining, you should check the bank's definition of eligible dining spending and its affiliated restaurants and bars, so that you won't miss any offers. You may earn multiple reward points when spending during public holiday and weekends, please check with your bank before spending with your credit card.

Also, please check whether the reward points have limit or an expiry date for redemption.

Now that many credit cards set a monthly maximum benefit limit, regardless of your spending credit, and cardholders should check if their cards have such a limit.
A credit card for dining may charge various kinds of fees, including annual fees and penalty fees, as clearly stated in the terms and conditions.

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