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Credit Cards FAQs

A Cashback Credit Card allows you to earn a percentage of your spending back by using your card frequently and making repayments on time.

The cashback amount can be credited back to your credit card account or paid to you separately. Some providers may also offer other rewards instead of cash so that you can redeem exclusive gifts at steep discounts. Many banks in Hong Kong such as American Express, DBS, Citibank and HSBC offers generous cashback rewards to attract more customers.

Before you sign up for a Cashback Credit Card, determine which benefits are more important to you. If you're looking for discounts at your favorite store, then a co-branded Credit Card may be the best Cashback Credit Card for you. If you travel often, you might want to look for cards that give you good discounts on overseas spending. makes it easy to compare Cashback Credit Cards and we help you easily find the one that will offer you the best features.

Some Cashback Credit Cards providers require you to spend a minimum amount before you can start earning rewards. Providers may also limit the amount of Cashback rewards you can earn, while others implement caps on how much you can spend for certain categories. It's also common for providers to set an increase in cashback return rates for certain categories within a specified period which are worth taking advantage of.

The best way to maximize cashback points is to choose a card that lets you earn rewards that matter to you. If you're serious about pursuing cashback rewards, you must make sure to fully understand the terms and conditions of your selected credit card. Terms are always subject to change, so it's important to always stay educated on these.

You can earn cash back on the credit card only if you make eligible purchases, while card issuers and even credit cards have different requirements for 'eligible purchases'. Many cash back credit cards only calculate local and overseas retail purchases, but not spending like installment amount, internet banking bill payment service, auto-pay service and Octopus automatic add value service; please be sure to read and understand your credit card's terms and conditions to earn more cash back rewards. With the popularity of mobile payment, Apple Pay and Android Pay have been included in some credit cards' "eligible purchases".

The first factor to consider when choosing a cash back credit card is the annual fee; while a no-annual-fee credit card may not be the best card, just make sure that the fee should not exceed your cash back rewards. Furthermore, the card's cash back rewards system is also an important consideration for picking the best credit card, which includes welcome bonus, cash back percentage, redemption policy, cash back limit and minimum spending.

Some banks offer higher cash back rates on certain spending categories or specific shops, such as department stores, supermarkets and travel agencies. You should choose a credit card based on your buying behavior to earn more cash back.

Earning cash back rewards with credit cards can deduct next time's actual spending, which means you can enjoy shopping "discounts" even when the shop doesn't have a promotion. Some credit cards offer reward points in addition to cash rebates -- which is definitely a double offer!
Generally cash back rates are between 0.4% and 1%, which means you get HK$0.4 to HK$1 on every HK$100 you spend. Some credit cards offer special rates for certain spending categories, like dining and overseas spending, which you earn cash back as much as 4%.
In addition to looking at the cash back plans and annual fees, you should always keep in mind that most of the cash back credit cards have welcome offer promotions, which you can earn extra cash back once you have spent designated amount within a certain period of time. You should choose your credit cards according to your personal spending preference. Also, cash back credit cards for overseas spending may charge a foreign currency handling fee, which lowers the cash back rate, so we suggest that you should check if these fees apply before applying for the credit cards.
Apart from comparing the offers and rewards, you also need to look at the cash back rates, annual fees, interest rates, penalty charges and terms and conditions of the credit cards. With an advanced credit card comparison tool like, this task has been made much easier for consumers like you. With just a few clicks of a button, you can easily compare different credit cards in Hong Kong and see which one is most suitable for your needs.

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