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Credit Cards FAQs

Credit card welcome offers are gifts and extra rebates valued at hundreds to thousands HK Dollars given out by banks to new credit card customers. Depending on credit card policies, some welcome offers will be given out once the card is approved, while some will be given after the cardholder meets the designated spending requirements.
Both cash coupons and gifts are common credit card welcome offers in Hong Kong. Some credit cards like WeWa card give out tech gadgets such as VR goggles.Some cards like DBS Eminent Card and Standard Chartered Asia Miles Mastercard give out up to $840 cash rebates and 100,000 Asia Miles to new customers.
Regarding the cash coupons, costumers can get them once the card application is approved. However, some welcome offers of high value like 10 points, 5% to 7% cash rebate or 100,000 miles have time limit and spending requirements. The most common requirement is that the card holders have to spend certain amount of money within 2 to 3 months.
For most credit cards, welcome offers are only given to new customers who didn't own credit card from the same bank in the past 12 months, while some cards may also allow existing customers to get the welcome offer, but the amount of gift and rebates would be lower than that of new customers.
For virtual rewards like air miles, cash rebates and points, the rewards will be automatically credited to your credit card accounts upon meeting the relevant spending condition. For cash coupon or voucher, it will be mailed to your correspondence address after meeting the fulfilling condition. If your welcome offer is a solid gift like a luggage, a fulfillment letter / redemption letter is what you will receive my mail, and you will need to redeem the gift with the letter in specific venues.
Although welcome offers are attractive, they are only one-time reward. Before applying any credit card, you should make your decision based on your spending habit. For example if you often travel or work oversea, you should apply an air miles credit card.If you go dining in restaurants frequently, a dining credit card should be applied. If you want to know more about other credit cards, please go to our comparing platform or see the latest credit cards offers.

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