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Banking Account FAQ

Banks in Hong Kong offer a wide range of bank accounts which are generally categorized as savings, current, time deposits, non-HKD, integrated and investment accounts. Payroll Account is usually recognized as integrated account.
You can start compare payroll accounts from major banks from Hong Kong now.
Hong Kong residents only need to provide identification documents like ID card or passport, and latest residential address proof such as gas or telephone bills.
Non-Hong Kong residents need to provide passport and home country residential address proof. Some banks also require a proof of employment. For example, foreign domestic helper need to prepare his or her employment contract showing employer's residential address.
Since many banks in Hong Kong have launched digital services, customers have to pay additional fees for the service involving paperwork. Besides, most banks have set minimum deposit requirements for saving accounts. For instance, customers of Citibank and Standard Chartered will be charged for handling fees if their daily average total balance is lower than HK$10,000.
Under DPS, you can be compensated up to a maximum of HK$500,000.

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