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Benefits Of Comparing Travel Insurance Plans

You should buy travel insurance before every trip. However, most people have a question: Which is the best travel insurance plan in Hong Kong? You could consider below points when you choose the plan that suits you:

1.Buy a suitable travel insurance plan based on your destination.

Example︰In recent years, there were many terrorist attacks in Europe. If you plan to spend your holiday in Paris, you should pay attention to the terms related to terrorism coverage.

2.Choose the best plan to fit your journey and transportation means.

Example: The chance of flight delay is high if you plan to go to Japan in April (peak cherry season) by budget flight, you should be focus on the delay coverage.

3.Apply for a cheaper plan with basic coverage.

Example: Travel insurance companies in HK often offer discounts, you can even apply for a 5-day basic plan with less than HK$100.

MoneyHero.com.hk provides a one-stop platform for you to:


  • Choose the travel insurance plan based on your special needs and journey.
  • Compare plans from more than 10 travel insurance companies and complete the purchasing process in one platform.
  • Find out the latest offers provided by travel insurance companies in HK.

Useful Tips for Choosing Travel Coverage

When you apply for any insurance plan, disclose all relevant information to the insurer.

  • Read the exclusions and terms of the policy thoroughly
  • Bring a copy of your policy when you travel, and leave a copy with someone back home so they know who to call if you get into an accident during your trip.

Types Of Travel Insurance

Most travel insurance companies in Hong Kong provide different type of plans for different travelers. They include: 

  • Single Trip Plan
  • Annual Plan
  • China Plan
  • Cruise Plan


Travel Insurance Offers

To attract customers, many companies provide discount promotion. For example, you can enjoy 30% off exclusive discount if you buy CHUBB / Allied World / STARR / FWD/ Zurich and Falcon single trip plan in Moneyhero.com.hk platform. MSIG is also providing 45% discount now. Let’s take a 5-day Japan trip as an example, the difference between the cheapest and most expensive plan can up to $220: 

Insurance Companies(Plan)Original PriceDiscount Price
Allied World(I / II)$154 / 225$107.8 / 157.5
AXA(Classic / VIP)$160 / 225-
Blue Cross(Premier)$278-
CHUBB(3/2/1)$152 / 249 / 340$106.4 / 174.3 / 238
Falcon(Silver / Gold / Platinum)$121 / 190 / 264$84.7 / $133 / $184.8
FWD(B / A)$155 / 215$108.5 / 150.5
Liberty(Asia/ Worldwide)$148 / $321-
MSIG(B / A)$268 / 364$147.46 / 200.28
STARR(Essential / Extra / Supreme)$95 / 135 / 193$66.5 / 94.5 / 135.1
Zurich(Bronze/Silver/Gold)$118 / 178 / 235$82.6 / $124.6 / $164.5
Is it the best to buy the cheapest travel insurance plan? The STARR Essential plan can tell you the answer. Although the premium is the cheapest, It does not cover mobile phone loss during your trip. Then, which plans coverloss of mobile phone? Compare now!  

Main Coverage Of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a contract between you and the insurer, where you are entitled to compensation for any loss related to an adverse event during travel. You, as the policyholder, are covered when you incur losses during domestic or international travel.

Most travel insurance plans provide the following coverage:

Some plans provide special coverage: 


Compare & Buy Plans in Hong Kong

Different insurance plans have their own set of rules and specific coverage terms. Our comparison tool helps you set them apart so you can choose one that fits your requirements.

Remember, you can use our comparison tool for free! Filter your search results according to provider, insurance benefits, price range, and other features. All you have to do is to click the Apply Now button and you're one step closer to full protection on your next trip.

Does travel insurance cover mobile phones?

Many of us take electronic devices like mobile phones along our trips. However, most travel insurances do not cover us for mobile phones.Only Allied World, AXA, CHUBB and Gold Plan of Zurich provide mobile phone coverage: 

Travel Insurance CompaniesMobile Phone CoverageTablet CoverageLaptop Coverage
Allied World$2,000$2,000$2000
Blue CrossX$2,000-3,000$2,000-3,000

* Zurich Bronze and Silver Plans do not cover mobile phone.

What should I do if my phone is lost while traveling?

If you lost your personal items during the trip, you should report to local police after the incidence within 24 hours and keep all supporting documents and original receipts for an insurance claim. You should also pay attention that your insurer may refuse your claim if you have not looked after your properties properly.

Do travel insurance plans cover countries with outbound travel alerts?

The government of Hong Kong launched the Outbound Travel Alert (OTA) System to help Hong Kong people understand the risk to personal safety in traveling overseas, and there are three colors, namely Amber, Red and Black to indicate the alert level. Many travel insurance plans cover countries with OTA and they usually cover trip cancellation and trip curtailment, but applicants should keep in mind that the actual compensation depends on the policy's maximum limit, while some insurance plans only cover countries with a Black Alert. In addition, not all insurance plans cover terrorist attacks, you should check the exclusions even if they have a terrorism cover.

Does travel insurance cover rental cars?

Does travel insurance cover rental cars?As rental cars are not classified as a way of public transportation, a rental car accident is not covered under the personal accident benefits. Rental charges usually include basic protection with third-party liability; if you want more protection, you could choose a comprehensive coverage plan. Now that many travel insurance plans offer a Rental Vehicle Protection which normally compensates for the motor insurance policy excess incurred by you only, excluding other expenses due to the accident. Applicants should read the policy's terms carefully.

How to claim compensation when my flight is delayed?

Travel delay coverage varies by the insurance policy. You will probably get a compensation of about HK$300 if you experienced a delay of more than 6 hours. Some insurance plans also reimburse the extra costs for accommodations. Applicants should keep all relevant receipts and ask the airlines or transportation agencies to provide a written proof as a clear evidence, or the insurer may refuse the claim.

When should I buy my travel insurance?

Basically you should buy travel insurance as early as possible. It is recommended that you buy your travel insurance once you have booked your air tickets and hotels to get better coverage. Travel insurance cover usually starts once you have bought the policy; if you buy the insurance and the government issues a Black OTA for your travel destination while it covers a Black Alert, you may make a claim. But if you buy an insurance after the Black Alert has been issued, you would not be compensated for that.

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