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Credit Cards FAQs

To qualify for a corporate card, the company should have a valid Hong Kong Business registration and have been in operation for a specified period of time and meet the annual revenue requirement. Some banks might require the applicant to be the owner, partner, shareholder, CEO, managing director or executive of the company. Some other banks' corporate cards are only applicable to existing Private/Enterprise Banking customers. You should make sure you meet the bank's requirements before filling out the application form.
You can visit the bank to apply for a corporate card. To save time and make the application process faster, you can download an application form for a corporate card in advance. Alternatively, you can also apply online by filling out an online application form through the banks' websites.

The kinds of documents you need to submit varies among banks and depends on the nature of your company (For example, whether it is a sole proprietorship, partnership or a limited company). The documents you might need to prepare include:

.Your Business Registration Certificate

.Certificate of Incorporation

.Constitutional Documents

.HKID Card / Passport of the Sole Proprietor / all Partners / the Director(s) who signed on the above Certification and Declaration and the Authorised Card User(s)

.Bank statements of the Applicant for past 3 months

.The latest Profits Tax Demand Note from the Inland Revenue Department / audited financial statements (within 18 months) / management accounts (within 12 months)

.Other asset proofs (e.g. Time Deposit advice(s), Mortgage Loan statement(s) and etc.)

You can keep track of all business-related spending with the card easily through the online management tools offered by the banks, which provide customers with a single place to access information and complete administrative taks such as changing card member details, cancelling a single or multiple cards in one transaction or viewing unbilled spendings.
Apart from rewards such as cashback, air miles or bonus points, corporate cards usually provide superior services and previleges to customers including premium airport lounge service, free travel insurance and complimentary limousine service.
Apart from comparing the offers and privileges, such as cash rebates and airport lounge access, you also need to look at annual fees, handling charges, credit limit, whether e-banking services are available, and terms and conditions of the credit cards. With an advanced credit card comparison tool like, this task has been made much easier for consumers like you. With just a few clicks of a button, you can easily compare different credit cards in Hong Kong and see which one is most suitable for your needs.
Just like a personal credit card, a corporate card holder should understand what kinds of fees the bank may charge, including annual fees, instalment fees, penalty fees and others, as clearly stated in the terms and conditions.
Banks have different requirements, but it usually depends on factors like a company's economic conditions, consumption and payment records.
Banks have different rules when considering a corporate card application, but generally applicants should be in the management level, such as the owner, shareholder, CEO or executive director, and most of the time the company makes the application. You may contact your banks for more information.

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