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Compare HK Stocks Securities Account
Compare commission rate, minimum charges and margin rate for securities firms and banks in Hong Kong.
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Securities Account FAQ

  1. Non Day Trading - Buying stocks on one day and selling of stocks in the day after or hold for longer period in an attempt to profit from long-term price movements.

  2. Day Trading - Day trading is suitable for short-term investors who buy and sell stocks on the same day (9am - 4pm).

  3. Monthly Stock Investment - Investors could buy a number of selected listed stocks and funds with a monthly contribution amount of as low as HK$1,000 per month.

  4. Initial Public Offering - When a privately-held company makes its shares available for trading on public markets, individuals are free to buy its stock through banks or securities firms.

If you want to trade stocks, you will have to open a securities trading account in banks or securities firms. Fees including fixed costs and variable costs in below:

Variable Cost

  • Brokerage ommission
  • Custody fee

  • Fixed Cost

  • Government stamp duty
  • SFC transaction levy
  • SEHK trading fee
  • SEHK trading tariff
  • CCASS stock settlement fee
  • From 1 April, 2003, brokers could charged clients freely for the commission. Generally, banks charge higher commission than securities firms and phone trading commission would be higher than online trading commission.

    Besides, commission for day trading would be higher than other normal trading. For example, the commission charge for day trading is 0.02% higher than normal trading for CHIEF securities trading service. The minimum commission charge for day trading is also HK$15 higher than normal trading service.

    After buying stocks, securities firms and banks might charge custody fee for keeping the stocks. However, most of the securities firms have waived the fee, only some banks will charge the fee now.

    Financial Institution Custody fee
    CHIEF waived
    BS securities waived
    GuoTai JunAn waived
    Wing Fung 368 waived
    Futu securities waived
    Everbright Sun Hung Kei Direct waived
    Bank of China HK$150 for every half an year
    HSBC waived, but HK$200 p.a. to the accounts with no trading for more than 12 months
    Standard Chartered waived, but , but HK$100 per half year to the accounts with no trading
    Hang Seng waived, but have deposit charge for purchase orders for HK$5/ lot. Minimum charges is HK$5 while maximum is HK$188.

    Stamp duty payable to the HKSAR government on transfer of Hong Kong Stock is charged at 0.1% of the amount of the consideration or of its value on every sold note and every bought note. (Where the stamp duty calculated includes a fraction of $1, round-up the duty to the nearest $1.)

    Effective 1 November 2014 , a Transaction Levy of 0.0027% (rounded to the nearest cent) is charged per side of the consideration of a transaction, and the amount is collected for the SFC. There is no Transaction Levy on Securities Market Maker (SMM) transactions.

    A exchange trading fee of 0.005% (rounded to the nearest cent) is charged per side of the consideration of a transaction, and the amount is collected for the SEHK. There is no exchange trading fee on Securities Market Maker (SMM) transactions.

    A trading tariff of HK$0.50 is payable to the Exchange on each and every purchase or sale transaction, most of the securities firms will not pass the trading tariff on to investors.

    CCASS stock settlement fee is 0.002% of the transaction amount (minimum HK$2 and maximum charges is HK$100), some banks or securities firms will charge higher amount of fee.

    If you want to buy a stock with a total value of HK$50,000, how much do you have to pay in total?

    Fixed Cost

    No matter you buy the stock through securities firms or banks, you have to pay for below fees. The total fixed transaction cost amounts to HK$56.35 with the breakdowns as follows:

    Description of fees Details of fees Amount
    Government stamp duty 0.1% of transaction amount $50
    SFC transaction levy 0.0027% of transaction amount $1.35
    SEHK trading fee 0.005% of transaction amount $2.5
    SEHK trading tariff $0.05 per transaction $0.5*
    CCASS stock settlement fee 0.002% of transaction amount (minimum $2, maximum $100) $2

    *Most of the banks and securities firms will waive the SEHK trading tariff

    Variable Cost

    Apart from the fixed costs, you have to pay for other variable costs such as brokerage commission as well. For example, if you buy a stock with HK$50,000 and the commission rate is 0.2%, then you will have to pay HK$100 for commission fee.

    Total Cost

    The total transaction cost amounts to HK$156.35 for this transaction.

    Description of fees Details of fees Amount
    Fixed Cost Government stamp duty/ SFC transaction levy/ SEHK trading fee/ SEHK trading tariff/ CCASS stock settlement fee $56.35
    Variable Cost Brokerage commission $100
    Total $156.35

    Now you understand about the nature of these fees and charges of trading stocks, compare with us to understand more about the commissions and services of different banks and securities firms in Hong Kong.

    *The above information is updated on 2/2018. For the latest information, please refer to the details provided by banks and brokerages.

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