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Credit Cards FAQs

Compare the privileges offered by different credit cards and find the best premium credit cards in Hong Kong.
There are many exclusive credit cards available from Hong Kong banks that offer different benefits and features, such as American Express Cathay Pacific Elite Credit Card and Citibank PremierMiles Card. To help you choose, has a comparison tool that lets you view and compare all the terms, fees, features, rewards, and places in the world where you can use the card. For example, if you travel around the world often, you might want to choose a premium credit card that has extensive travel privileges.

While credit card providers are not specific about exactly who can qualify fora premium credit card, there are a few things to consider before applying. Your credit score needs to be top-notch, with a history of spending a lot of money with your credit cards. A high income is also required, as most issuers will expect that your salary or net worth is among Hong Kong's wealthiest 10%. If you do not fit this criteria, don't bother applying, as a rejected application this will cause a drop in your credit score.

If you feel confident that you're among the top echelons of Hong Kong society and could quality for these exclusive cards then don't hesitate to apply.

See all available offers from Hong Kong's premium credit card providers using our free comparison tool. Once you've compared all the features, terms and conditions select the card of your choice and click the 'Apply Now' button. Fill out your details and submit the form to begin the application process. Your ticket to a VIP lifestyle and luxury privilege is just a few clicks away! If you get too excited with a limitless credit line, then check our guide to control your credit card spending.

Owning a premium credit card is a symbol of status, as a premium credit card has a higher minimum income requirement than that of a general credit card. Some premium credit cards are invitation-only and you simply cannot apply for it without being invited -- just having a high income may not qualify you for it.
Premium credit cards are most prestigious credit cards, many banks offer the most exclusive privileges for their cardholders, including unlimited credit, 24-hour concierge service, hotel room and flight upgrade, priority security clearance, as well as personalized shopping service.
In the past, credit cards are mainly divided into classic cards and gold cards only, but with the popularity of credit cards, there are many levels of credit cards like classic cards, gold cards, platinum cards and titanium cards. Please note that even cards may have the same name but banks have different definitions regarding their levels. Generally credit cards are of high levels if they have higher limits, more privileges and more application requirements. But some premium cards are invitation-only like the American Express Centurion Card, even though you get very high salary you might not be able to own it, and this is generally regarded as the most exclusive premium card.
You should check the annual fees. Some credit cards offer annual fee waiver if you have an accumulated card spend of a certain amount before the next anniversary. But some credit cards require annual fees no matter how much you spent. Applicants should read carefully and understand the terms and conditions.
Possibly. Minimum income requirement is only one of the factors for considering your application. Some banks may also check your asset. If you meet the asset requirement, you may be able to apply for a premium card.
Not necessarily. Most premium cards need very expensive annual fees to reflect the "elite" cardholders. But since premium credit cards are getting more and more popular, there are some easy-to-apply cards which may not have annual fees, or the banks offer annual fee waiver if you have an accumulated card spend.
Not necessarily. There are many types of premium cards now and they have different requirements, while income is just one of the considerations. But generally the real premium cards have minimum income requirement and you have to be in the management level to be qualified to apply for it.

How to find the best credit card for you?

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