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Car Insurance
Master Class
Can I renew a car licence or transfer a used car without car insurance?
No! Before transferring a vehicle’s ownership, the new owner is required by law to purchase car insurance, at least third-party insurance. Car buyers should get a copy of the vehicle registration document from the seller and then get quotes online from the insurer for purchasing an insurance policy and obtaining a Cover Note from the insurer.

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Do all insurers offer the same NCD?
No Claim Discount (NCD) are more or less the same among insurers, but the coverage may vary. The NCD of Zurich’s Motorplus Insurance Plan Comprehensive Insurance would reach 30% after holding the policy for one year, which is 10% higher than the average of the other car insurance policies. It is vital to check the NCD to get the best car insurance plan!

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What documents do I need to renew my car licence?
1. Completed application form (TD558);
2. Original or copy of address proof;
3. Company registration card or proof of identity (copies accepted);
4. Copy of valid third-party insurance policy or cover note.

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Travel Insurance
Does insurance cover communicable diseases if I get infested during travel?
Most travel insurance policies cover medical expenses, including hospitalisation. Suppose you get infected with communicable diseases during travel. In that case, you should seek immediate medical attention at a local hospital and retain all medical reports, supporting documents and receipts upon discharge to claim when you return to Hong Kong. The insurer will also provide a mandatory isolation cash allowance if you are required to undergo a mandatory isolation quarantine as you are diagnosed during your trip or within 7 days of your return to Hong Kong.
What to do if I am admitted to the hospital while travelling with my kids?
Call the global emergency assistance Service hotline to contact your insurer to arrange child transport.
Which product covers phone, tablet, and laptop loss?
Not every travel insurance plan covers mobile phone loss or damage to mobile phones. Still, the plans offered by AIG, Allied World, Starr Companies, FWD, and Allianz Travel cover mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. For example, Allianz Travel covers mobile phone damage in the cases of burglary or robbery. If you wish to purchase a travel insurance plan that covers mobile phones, click the article for further details.
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Home Insurance
What should I do if I receive a water leakage complaint?
Start with finding out whether the leakage is caused by the structure of the building or the neighbouring flat. Unfortunately, the cause of leakage is usually not easy to spot. It is better to take photos of the location and inform the building management company for a record of the incident and file a report with the insurer. Depending on the circumstances, the insurer may request the policyholder to find a qualified technician to locate the source and repair the damage or appoint a professional such as a notary to locate the source for future claims.
Can a landlord claim for rent arrears?
One of landlord insurance's most essential features is rent arrears cover! A landlord who has purchased insurance with a "rogue tenant" clause will be able to claim the costs and expenses (depending on the terms) from the insurer in the event of a "rogue tenant".
What is the difference between fire insurance and home insurance?
Home insurance protects the insured's belongings and liability to third parties while at home or even away from home, while fire insurance protects the structure of the building in which the house is located from damage caused by fire, flooding, burst pipes, and other "insured accidents".
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Domestic Helper
Do I need to pay an extra premium for hiring a new helper? If the contract is terminated prematurely, can the insured person be changed to that of the new helper?
In general, employers can apply to the insurer to change the insured person on the policy from the old to the new one.
Are helper’s dental expenses and even helper using long-distance calls without the employer’s permission covered?
Domestic helper insurance coverage widely, and the range can be out of your expectation, such as:
1. Outpatient, inpatient medical and dental expenses;
2. Expenses related to arranging for the helper to return to her place of origin if she is unable to continue working due to death, serious illness or injury;
3. Expenses for long-distance telephone calls used by the helper without the employer’s permission and;
4. Financial loss to the employer due to any fraud the helper faced, etc.
However, the exact coverage will depend on the individual insurance plan.
What is covered if my helper gets COVID-19?
If an insured helper gets COVID-19, some insurers will provide reimbursement for the medical expenses incurred, compensation in the event of the helper’s death and repatriation of the helper’s body to the helper’s place of origin. Some insurers also provide temporary workers’ compensation, meaning employers can claim the cost of employing local temporary helpers while their helpers are in the hospital.
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Is there an age limit for pet insurance?
Most insurance companies accept pets between 13 weeks and 12 years old, while older pets may have a different renewal premium. In general, the premium depends on the pet’s breed and age. The monthly premium for a basic plan for puppies and cats (0 to under 3 years old) is less than HK$200, while older pets may be around HK$300 to HK$500 per month. Pet owners may choose to pay either annually or monthly.
Can cats be insured without a microchip?
Most pet cat insurance plans in the market only cover cats with microchips. For the time being, only OneDegree accepts non-microchipped cats, but only if any of the following documents with the cat’s name on them are submitted: vaccination record card, veterinary clinic receipt, medical examination/test report or pedigree certificates.
Are surgeries such as neutering and sterilisation covered?
Pet insurance generally covers general and specialist consultations, laboratory fees, x-rays and ultrasounds, and medication prescribed by the doctor. The chemotherapy for pets is also covered if the pet gets cancer. However, neutering and sterilisation are generally not covered.
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