Covid-19 Travel Insurance Comparison

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Start your next trip right after you have booked your flight ticket and purchased a Covid-19-covered insurance while Japan, Korea and Thailand are loosening their entry requirements!

Which is the best travel insurance with covid coverage? MoneyHero has handpicked Covid-19-covered travel insurance products for your easy comparison. Compare now, and get your MoneyHero Exclusive Offer!

What is Travel Insurance​?

A travel insurance product best suited your needs with comprehensive coverage allows you enjoy your holidays and business trips, and solves the hassle when travel emergencies happen such as tested positive for Covid-19, accidents, trip delays/cancellations, and lost items.

Should I choose a single-trip or annual travel insurance?

Annual travel insurance:

Best for frequent travellers and business travellers as annual travel insurance covers unlimited trips per year. Employers should purchase travel insurance for employees who travel business trips frequently to protect mutual interests.

Single-trip travel insurance

Best for people who do not travel frequently and prefer short trips or short-distance travel. As the price is generally lower than the annual one, you can purchase single-trip travel insurance at a lower cost while bringing you peace of mind during your trip.

Which single-trip travel insurance products include Covid-19 coverage?

Allianz Travel
MoneyHero Exclusive Offer

Exclusive on MoneyHero, Allianz Travel Insurance comes with “Standard” and “Plus” plans, each divided into Basic, Standard, and Advanced levels, making it a total of 6 options. The "Plus" plans cover mobile equipment loss and car rental excess, making it great for self-drive travellers. Buying through MoneyHero includes Covid-19 coverage, which covers overseas medical expenses, hospital cash, and journey cancellation or interruption.

  •  Allianz Travel Insurance Recommendations: Allianz Travel Protector Plus, Allianz Travel Protector
  • Covid-19-related coverage: Medical expenses coverage up to HK$1,800,000; journey cancellation coverage up to HK$50,000; overseas hospital daily cash allowance (designated plans)
Latest Offer

AXA SmartTraveller Plus travel insurance comes in 3 tiers, “Budget”, “Economy”, and “Superior”, with various coverage and benefits. If the insured fails to travel as they are tested positive for Covid-19 or are required for a sudden mandatory quarantine before departure, the insured under “Economy” and “Superior” plans will be entitled to a maximum of HK$25,000 and HK$50,000 compensation respectively for the non-refundable paid travel expenses. AXA provides Covid-19 coverage before departure, during the journey or upon return to Hong Kong, including mandatory quarantine or hospital cash allowance.

  • AXA Travel Insurance: SmartTraveller Plus
  • Covid-19 related benefits: Medical expenses coverage up to HK$1,000,000; journey cancellation coverage up to HK$50,000; and daily mandatory quarantine cash allowance up to HK$5,600 or daily hospital cash allowance up to HK$5,000
Latest Offer

Zurich’s Get "Z" Go+ Travel Insurance Plan (Deluxe Plan) ensures that you are covered throughout your journey, from the pre-trip of your trip to the post-trip quarantine period, with Covid-19 medical expenses and interruption coverage.

  •  Zurich Travel Insurance recommendation: Zurich Get "Z" Go+ Travel Insurance Plan (Deluxe Plan)
  • Covid-19 related coverage: Cash allowance for mandatory quarantine due to diagnosis of Covid-19 during the trip and within 3 days after returning to Hong Kong (only applicable to Deluxe Plan); Medical coverage up to HK$1,500,000; journey cancellation coverage up to HK$50,000; and free insurance extension of up to 10 days if the insured journey cannot be completed as originally scheduled due to uncontrollable circumstances
Bolttech Insurance (Hong Kong) Company Limited
MoneyHero Exclusive Offer

bolttech TravelCare Insurance^ (Previously known as FWD General Insurance Company Limited) covers journey delay, cancellation, loss of mobile phone, Covid-19, and medical coverage in both Plan A and B. 

  • bolttech TravelCare Insurance^ recommendation: bolttech TravelCare Insurance Plan A^, bolttech TravelCare Insurance Plan B^
  • Covid-19 related coverage: Medical expenses up to HK$500,000; journey cancellation or curtailment up to HK$5,000; cash allowance of HK$1,000 per day for overseas hospitalisation due to Covid-19; cash allowance of HK$500 per day for hospitalisation due to Covid-19 upon returning to Hong Kong.

^bolttech Insurance (Hong Kong) Company Limited

MoneyHero Exclusive Offer

MSIG i-Travel Plus includes Covid-19 daily cash coverage for both plans, providing you with medical coverage before, during and after your trip in the case of infection. 

  • MSIG Travel Insurance Recommendation: i-Travel Plus (Single Trip) Plan A, i-Travel Plus (Single Trip) Plan B
  • Covid-19 related coverage: HK$500 cash allowance per day (up to 10 days) if tested positive for Covid-19 overseas and leads to hospitalisation or mandatory quarantine; journey cancellation if you test positive for Covid-19 before departure; journey curtailment if you test positive for Covid-19 during the trip; and overseas medical expense if you test positive for Covid-19 abroad and require hospitalisation overseas.

How to choose a Covid-19-covered travel insurance plan?

Compare travel insurance coverage

Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel
Protector Plus -

Get "Z" Go+
Travel Insurance -
Supreme Plan

bolttech TravelCare Plan A^ (Previously known as FWD General Insurance Company Limited)

SmartTraveller Plus -
Superior Plan

Overseas medical expenses and Hospitalization cash allowance, journey cancellation or curtailment

Confirmed infection after returning to Hong Kong# 

Cash allowance for confirmed infection and mandatory quarantine

Additional overseas hotel expenses due to statutory quarantine


# “Coverage” may refer to medical expenses, follow-up consultation, or cash allowance for hospitalisation, depending on the terms of the insurer. ^bolttech Insurance (Hong Kong) Company Limited
*Terms and Conditions apply.

Useful Information about Covid-19 Travel Insurance

What should I keep in mind while purchasing travel insurance in the post-pandemic era? Is there any vaccination or other requirements?

In the post-pandemic days, it is vital to read the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing travel insurance. Pay attention to the following:
  • Whether you need to meet the vaccination requirements in Hong Kong or at your destination
  • Minimum number of vaccination doses
  • How far in advance should I get a travel insurance?
  • If tested positive for Covid-19, whether a rapid test result / PCR / proof from a recognised local government medical authority would be accepted


Can I get a refund for my travel insurance if I cancel my trip?

Generally speaking, once a travel insurance purchase has been approved, the premium paid cannot be refunded. However, some insurers may use their discretion for special cases, so please check with the insurer for details.

Does travel insurance cover sudden flight cancellation by airline?

Only the reasons of flight cancellation that are listed in the insurer’s terms and conditions are covered. As sudden flight cancellation by airlines is usually not related to the covered causes, such as strike, bad weather and mechanical failure, most of the travel insurance products do not cover flight cancellations by airlines. Therefore, you are advised to take this into account when choosing an airline.

What does travel insurance generally cover if I am tested positive for Covid-19 during my trip?

  • Medical expenses / hospital admission deposit / hospital cash allowance
  • Journey curtailment / cancellation
  • Follow-up medical expenses upon return to Hong Kong
  • Compulsory quarantine cash allowance

How to make a claim if I am tested positive for Covid-19 overseas after departure or after returning to Hong Kong? What are the steps to file a claim?

  • Most travel insurance policies cover medical expenses, including overseas medical fees and hospital cash allowance.
  • If you are infected with Covid-19 while travelling, you should seek medical treatment at the local hospital first.
  • Keep all medical reports, supporting documents and receipts upon discharging from the hospital so that you can claim when you return to Hong Kong. Insurers usually require the insured to receive initial local treatment before covering the cost of follow-up treatment upon returning to Hong Kong.
  • If the diagnosis is confirmed within 7 days of the return (depending on the insurance company) with mandatory quarantine, some insurers would offer a cash allowance and medical coverage.

FAQ for purchasing Covid-19 travel insurance

Which is the best travel insurance plan with Covid-19 coverage?

In the post-pandemic era, deciding which is the best Covid-19 travel insurance plan depends on the insured's needs. Suppose you only need medical and journey cancellation coverage, you can get a travel insurance plan with up to 40% off for a 5-day trip to Japan/TaiWan/Thailand through MoneyHero.

Which travel insurance is the most comprehensive with Covid-19 coverage?

A travel insurance plan with comprehensive Covid-19 coverage ensures you are covered before departure, during and after your journey. There are several essential coverages, such as cancellation coverage before departure, medical expenses or hospital cash allowance during your trip, and even additional overseas hotel expense coverage due to mandatory quarantine in the country you are travelling to. Medical expenses or mandatory quarantine cash allowance upon your return to Hong Kong is essential too. 

There are over 40 travel insurance products with or without Covid-19 coverage available on MoneyHero travel insurance platform. Zurich’s Get "Z+" Go Travel Insurance - Supreme Plan has the most comprehensive coverage but a higher premium, and Allianz Travel Insurance is comparatively cheaper yet with fewer coverage items. You may purchase a travel insurance policy that best suits your needs.

What's the best way to buy travel insurance in Hong Kong?

There are many ways to buy travel insurance before you go on a trip, such as when you sign up for a tour, buy one online with an insurance company, or through a comparison platform. MoneyHero's one-stop insurance comparison platform helps you identify and purchase the travel insurance policy in a glance that best suits your needs in less than 5 minutes with up to 40% off and effective immediately.