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MoneyHero offers a free and independent online service that helps users learn about and find the right financial products for their needs. We receive compensation from partners for leads and/or customers we generate for our partners.

This may influence how and/or where those products appear on our site, but the fee we receive does not affect the way we rank the products which is based on the analysis of a combination of factors, all of which are intended to provide product discovery in a contextual manner. Unless otherwise labeled as a "Sponsored Product", products we display are not promoted for a fee.

MoneyHero does not provide financial advice or product recommendations.

MoneyHero Global Limited is not a financial intermediary for money lenders and does not charge fees to intending borrowers for such products.

MoneyHero Insurance Brokers Limited is remunerated for its services by the receipt of commission paid by insurers.

Why MoneyHero?

We analyse, compare, and review 350+ financial products from 60+ financial institutions to help you find the one that best suits your unique needs to save more and earn extra.
We adopt robust data security and privacy measures for the thousands of applications made every month.
Over 2 million Hongkongers visit our site monthly for answers to their financial questions and discover new ways to earn, save, spend, and invest.

Don't just take our word for it

MoneyHero is a way of life whenever I make any financial decision. With MoneyHero, I can now make informed decisions from travel insurance to credit cards because MoneyHero does exceptional comparisons and illustrations from a consumer point of view. I now know I will not be shortchanged as long as I check out MoneyHero beforehand.
MoneyHero has always been my go-to platform to get briefed on various investment products. MoneyHero helps me find the most suitable credit cards for me and lists out the full detail of the credit cards in an easily understandable way.
I frequently read MoneyHero tips on financial products. Reviews and comparisons are comprehensive, unbiased, timely, well-organized and neatly categorized based on users’ perspectives with regular discounts on relevant financial products.  MoneyHero helps me to locate the financial product that provides the best fit available to my need.
A user-friendly one-stop platform to compare the promotion of different cards from various financial organisations. It is useful for us to make an intelligent financial choice.
A quick comparison to identify the right products and easy online access to purchase the financial products.
MoneyHero is my Superhero. It helps me to sort out the best mortgage loan rate, the best deal of credit card with exclusive promotion offers. It's informative, user-friendly and effective, the best platform ever!

How Our Comparison Platform Works

We simplify the task of finding the right financial product. We develop insightful articles to equip you with the knowledge you need to achieve your financial goals. We also ensure your data is safe and secure. Here are a few extra reasons why MoneyHero is your trusted digital personal finance platform.
When you apply through banks and financial insitutions
Apply through MoneyHero
They are limited by their own product range, which may not fully take care of your needs.
We are a free, impartial platform that reviews and compares financial products from 60+ financial institutions, securing offers not available on other sites.
The product terms and conditions are often complicated and can be confusing.
Your interest comes first! We make sure the terms and conditions are transparent and easy to understand.
Calling their hotlines often leads to long waits to reach their representatives.
Our trained support team is a phone call or an email away, ready to provide attentive service.


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