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That shiny piece of plastic in your wallet is more than just a status symbol. Whether you are shopping at the mall, over the internet or during your holiday in Europe, nothing beats the convenience of swiping your card on the spot and paying for your purchases later. And they aren't good for just shopping sprees either; you can also pay your bills, beef up your credit rating, or save on airfares for your next trip halfway around the world.

Choosing the right card is vital, but what if you don't have the time to sift through countless offers from a long list of banks. This is where we come in: our online comparison tool helps you single out the cards with the perfect combination of good terms, affordable interest rates, and extra perks.

Find a credit card
Find a credit card

All of the cards in our Best Deals are up there for a reason. Favored by a steady percentage of our online users, these are the cards with consistent rates, irresistible rewards, and other unique features that make them stand out from the competition.

Tons of cards on the market come with all kinds of features, complicating your search for the right one. We understand that a good card must go beyond the basics and let you do more than just shopping. For this reason, we help you compare and find cards with the best welcome gifts, cashback, miles and other rewards from a selection of financial institutions including Bank of China (Hong Kong) and Hang Seng Bank. Our top choices also come with exclusive offers and rewards you won't find anywhere else.

At, we take your financial security very seriously. We know better than anyone that there is a product out there for every niche, be it air miles or rewards points. The wrong card can make or break your financial situation, costing you thousands of dollars in the long run. That's why we've made it our job to match you with the right card for your needs.

Time is money, and we can save you hours of web browsing by reviewing a variety of products from the comfort of your mobile. You can view our most popular cards at a glance, each chosen for their combination of rates and benefits ideal for the average cardholder's budget. All of our picks come from Hong Kong's most trusted banks, along with globally-renowned brands and of course, only the best credit card deals.

Find a credit card
Credit card rewards come in many forms, the two major incentives are air miles and cash back. Many card issuers have different credit card rewards programs, cardholders can earn reward points for their spending and redeem the points for cash back, air miles, gift vouchers or free gifts. Some banks sell their credit cards with cash back rewards, cardholders can enjoy 1-4% cash rebate for eligible local / overseas spending or shopping online. If you love to travel or you are a frequent traveler who use your credit card to book flights and hotels on a regular basis, air miles credit cards can earn you more air miles quickly, while you can redeem your miles for award flights, hotel stays and other travel offers. In addition to daily spending, you may also earn rewards by using the Octopus Automatic Add-value Service and paying utilities, tax, tuition and insurance bills with your credit card and redeem reward points, cash back and air miles! Visit's blog to know more about how to earn more rewards with your credit card.
Many credit cards bring discounts and cash rebate for online shopping, dining offers and even privileges like airport lounge access and concierge service in addition to cash back and air miles. For example, DBS Eminent Card and Citibank Citi Clear Card offer cash rebate of 2-6% for online spending. Regarding dining benefits, numerous credit cards offer attractive cash back and air miles redemption deals for dining spending, so that cardholders can earn more rewards by eating out. Premium credit cards with exclusive privileges, which offer airport lounges access worldwide, airport limousine transfer service and other concierge service, have a minimum income requirement. lists out the most up-to-date information on credit card products in Hong Kong. We also provide apply links that allow you to apply for a credit card directly. Our top choices also come with exclusive offers and rewards you won't find anywhere else.
Yes, but do not send out your applications all at once. Credit card providers can have access to information about your existing credit card applications as part of your credit profile. Having too many active applications at the same time will make you look too 'desperate' and lessen your chances of being approved. credit-card.landing.product-know-how.item-8.title.bestDeals=How long does it take for my application to get approved?
The period varies from bank to bank but after you submit your application, it would usually take a few days to process. If you are approved for credit, it usually takes 7 to 10 working days for you to get your credit card. To ensure that there are no further delays, fill out the application form correctly and submit all required documents.
The annual fee depends on the bank and the type of credit card. One- to three-year annual fee waiver is usually offered to attract users, and cardholders get their fee waived if they can meet the minimum spending. Some card issuers even advertise credit cards with no annual fee. You can request annual fee waiver by calling the card issuer's hotline. Furthermore, many banks charge an early termination fee of more than HK$100; other common fees and charges include replacement fee, late charge, over-limit fee, cash advance fee and foreign transaction fee. In addition to credit card welcome offers, you should also check with your provider to see the fees and charges of your credit card.
The main types of credit cards in Hong Kong are VISA and MasterCard, followed by American Express and JCB. In order to choose the best credit cards, you may consider the popularity and offers of the card types, and also the banks, class of the credit card, as well as the type of the credit card.

How to find the best credit card for you?

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