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Students usually earn money by doing a part-time job or being a tutor so that they cannot get the formal income proof.So most student credit cards such as WeWa card and DBS COMPASS VISA Tertiary Student Card only require applicants to submit identity proof, residential proof and a copy of student card.The minimum annual salary requirement of low income requirement cards like Citibank Rewards VISA card and HSBC Visa Gold Credit Card is only HKD60,000. Applicants only need to provide income proof of designated salary.
No matter what types of credit card , you have to compare before applying the card. Low income or student credit cards in Hong Kong provide different kinds of offers like air miles, cash rebate, movie ticket and online shopping discount. Go to our comparing tool and you can find out the most suitable credit card based on your needs and eligibility.
The main differences between entry level credit cards and other credit cards are annual salary requirement, application approval difficulty and credit limit.Since the requirement of low income credit card is lower, the chance of approval will be higher and the banks will decrease the credit limit to reduce risks and prevent applicants from over-spending.If your income level is higher, go to our credit cards comparing platform or learn more about the latest credit cards offers.

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