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The repayment period for Citi Speedy Cash ranges from 6 to 60 months, while Citi Card Debt Consolidation Loan provides a choice between 6 to 72 months.
Yes, applying for a Citi personal loan involves a review of applicants’ credit records, including information about their credit accounts, overdue accounts, credit inquiry records, past repayment details, etc.
You can call the Citibank loan hotline at (852) 2963 6477 to apply for a loan from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Applying through MoneyHero will net you more rewards versus applying through phone.

MoneyHero has partnered with the most trusted banks and financial institutions in Hong Kong to help you find the right financial products for you. Through our comparison engine, you can compare credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, medical insurance, travel insurance, HK stock accounts, US stock accounts, payroll accounts and other financial products. We provide accurate, up-to-date information and an unbiased overview of financial products in Hong Kong so that you can make the best choice, saving your time and money.

A personal instalment loan, also known as an unsecured loan, is a type of loan that allows you to borrow a specific amount of money at any time, and pay it back through several fixed instalments over a period. Unlike a secured loan, which requires a house or a car as part of a collateral security, a personal loan only requires a monthly payments consisting of both the loan's principal and interest. However, if you pay it off on time, you can use the money from your personal loan to finance personal goals. With your personal loan, you will have the funds to use on whatever you like such as: refurbishing your home or planning your next dream holiday. You can simply pay back any personal loans within one to five years, making it a lot simpler to manage your budget whilst repaying it in full.

Personal loans can be applied in a majority of banks here in Hong Kong. Popular lenders include the likes of Citibank, HSBC, China Construction Bank, Standard Chartered, Hang Seng Bank, WeLend Social Lending, DBS, and many more. These banks offer loans at competitive rates and often paired with equally tempting promotions and offers. With the help of MoneyHero's online comparison tool, you can keep track of all the different lenders on the market and instantly find deals that work for your budget. Compare interest rates, loan amounts, total repayment values and terms offered by Hong Kong's personal loan providers. Find out about other offers such as welcome benefits, special rates, and other promotions and privileges. MoneyHero's comparison tool is free and easy to use. You can find the right personal instalment loan with the lowest monthly rates to suit your needs.

Can't find free time away to go to the bank? Save time by simply signing up for a personal loan online through MoneyHero. Choose a lender with the best interest rates based on your desired loan amount and repayment period, then click on the Apply Now button. Supplementary information may be needed along with your loan application depending on which lender you apply from. To qualify for a loan, you must be at least 18 years old and a Hong Kong resident. Please note that some providers may ask for proof of income and proof of residence, so please prepare them in advance. Your credit ratings will also be reviewed. Find the best personal loan offers from Hong Kong's top providers. Compare and apply for a personal loan today with the help of MoneyHero. Check our Personal Loans Guide for further information.

Every company needs funding for cash flow, operations, equipment, expansion, etc. A business loan is specially designed for companies to meet financial needs, bringing loans with high loan amounts, flexible repayment periods, and even unsecured loans and SME loans for companies to bring immediate solutions to capital needs. Please note that SMEs in Hong Kong refer to manufacturing businesses employing less than 100 people and non-manufacturing business with less than 50.

There are plenty of business loans, and each one of them meets different needs, making the choice of the best loan a very confusing task. Before applying for a loan, you should first identify the company's financial needs, like how much and how long do you need to borrow, how quickly do you need the money, and the company's repayment ability; and then you have to compare the interest rates, type of loan(e.g. Instalment or revolving loan), loan term, repayment period, approval time and handling fees of various loans. Moreover, some banks have regular promotions to offer cash rebates and attractive interest rates, don't miss this opportunity if you hope to earn more. Please note that some loans require that the company should be operating and registered in Hong Kong for at least one year and have good loan repayment record.

The maximum loan amount is normally at 6 - 18 times income, and some loans even claim to have no loan limits, but still, it depends on the borrower's income.

Monthly interest rates appear to be attractive, but since handling and administrative fees are not included, we suggest that borrowers should compare the Annual Percentage Rates (APR) of personal instalment loans for a more direct reference and not to ignore the hidden charges.

Many financial companies claim that they can offer "instant loan approval". However, instant approval only means approval in principle. Your application needs to take at least 60 minutes to get actual approval. Some banks require longer approval period, which usually fall between 2-5 working days.

Loan borrowers of personal instalment loans will repay the loan monthly with a fixed amount of principal and interest, and the interest for the loan amount will usually be calculated based on a monthly flat rate. If you know your total loan amount, monthly flat rate and repayment period, you can calculate the monthly interest.

Before applying for a loan, you should ask yourself why you need the money and never over-borrow. and Before you file the application, you should understand your financial situation and repayment ability, consider your loan amount, repayment period and monthly payment, and also read the terms and conditions carefully, including the details about handling fees. Do not apply for a loan to a financial institution with unknown background or bad reputation.