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Can't find the cash to pay off your debts? It's a struggle to find these when a bank rejects your application, or if you have bad credit which causes to banks immediately turn you down. If so, getting a loan from a lending company might just be the solution for you. MoneyHero lets you compare personal loans offered by various Hong Kong lending companies, there is no better way to find out about the services of all the lending companies in Hong Kong than with our comparison tool.

Lending companies are a type of financial institution that offers loan services to consumers. They usually offer similar financial lending products to banks: personal loans, mortgage loans, car loans, and so forth. Lending companies are handy when you get turned down for a loan by your bank for any reason such as incomplete requirements, bad credit, an unstable job, or that the bank feels that you are too high a risk. This is where lending companies come in. If you find it difficult to apply for a loan at a bank, then you might have it easier using the services of a lending company. Although they have similar financial products with banks, take note though that lending companies often have higher interest rates. Personal loans are still unsecured loans, meaning you have no collateral, so they'll still have higher interest rate. To counter the high interest rates, most lending companies offer flexible repayment terms to help their customers pay their loans back.

There are more than a thousand lending companies that offer services in Hong Kong. Because there are so many, MoneyHero. is helping customers choose the right lending company by allowing them to compare their borrower requirements, interest rates, APR, loan sizes, approval times, and so on. Lending companies in Hong Kong boast of fast approval times, and fast loan cash-outs, so you can get your money as soon as possible. MoneyHero provides loan information from lending companies such as AEON, Promise, WeLend, PrimeCredit, CashingPro and more. Most of the lending companies we list are members of the Licensed Money Lenders Association of Hong Kong, and follow the government's Money Lender's Ordinance.

There's no need to worry about where you'll get your personal loan when you apply for a personal loan from a lending company. Since lending companies are more lenient in requirements, you won't have to dig through for all your documents to do your application. Some lending companies allow you to do your application online, so you don't have to fill out paper forms. To do an application online there is no need to meet anyone, which helps to protect your privacy. Lending companies usually ask for the following requirements: HKID Proof of residence Proof of income Signed loan agreement Compare the various loans offered by lending companies at MoneyHero today, and get the loan amount you need, as soon as you need it!

Since lending companies are more lenient in requirements, the risks of bad debts are relatively high. Therefore, they usually charge higher interest rates than banks. In Hong Kong, the APR of loans from lending companies are normally 6% to 30%.

APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is the amount of interest on your total loan amount that you'll pay annually (averaged over the full term of the loan). A lower APR translates to lower monthly payments. APR is a reference rate that consists of base interest and other charges like handling fee. It is a handy point of reference when comparing loan plans because it includes all the extra charges and interest expenses.

Yes, there is. The Money Lenders Ordinance prohibits anyone from lending money with an effective interest rate of 60% per year. Undoubtedly, a 60% annual interest is already a very high amount. By taking the time to compare loans, you can find one with far more affordable interest rates and repayment options that suit your financial situation.

Thanks to the competition among personal loan lenders in Hong Kong, banks and lending companies usually announce promos such as cash backs to make their offers more appealing to the general public.

Our comparison tool can help you find out which personal loan providers have ongoing promotional offers, with details of the promotional period as well as the specific terms. Special offers are usually provided to online applicants. Therefore, it is more beneficial for you to make application online.

If you?re considering applying for a personal loan but not in the immediate future, then you have time to ensure that you maintain a healthy credit rating. Lenders check your credit history when they process your application and decide your interest rate. Take steps to polish up your credit history, such as by paying off debts or disputing any obvious errors on your credit history. If you have a good credit rating, you're more likely to be granted a lower interest rate.

Apart from submitting documents including identity proof, income proof and residential address proof, you must also meet the following requirements to apply for a loan:

    • Be least 18 years of age

    • Be a Permanent Resident of Hong Kong

  • Have a monthly salary of at least HKD 6,000*

Nowadays, since borrowers are more concerned about privacy and simplicity of loan application, online application is getting more and more popular. Applicants may get cash on the same day once they have uploaded all supporting documents, and this application method saves time and hassle. Just be reminded that you should understand how the loan works and read the terms and conditions carefully in order to protect yourself.

Confused about personal loan terms?

Glossary terms to know for first-time personal loan applicants