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Update time: Jun 2023

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Monthly Flat Rate: 0.07%
[Feature] Cash will be transferred to your designated account
Seize the opportunity with sufficient cash flow

Great for

  • [UA Empower You To Fight Another Day] From 30 May 2023 till 29 August 2023, new and existing customers are entitled Cash Reward up to HK$18,000 Cash Reward:

    • Up to HK$200 Cash reward upon successful e-Cash Revolving Loan Account opening
    • Up to an extra HK$17,800 Cash Reward upon successful Personal Instalment Loan drawdown with a repayment period of 12 months or above according to the amount of the personal instalment loan
    Loan Amount of Personal Instalment Loan

    e-Cash Account Opening Reward Personal Instalment Loan Cash Reward Cash Reward(e-Cash Account Opening Reward + Personal Instalment Loan Reward)
    HK$800,000 or above HK$200 HK$17,800 HK$18,000
    HK$700,000 - HK$799,999 HK$200 HK$15,800 HK$16,000
    HK$550,000 - HK$699,999 HK$200 HK$13,800 HK$14,000
    HK$500,000 - HK$549,999 HK$200 HK$11,800 HK$12,000
    HK$400,000 - HK$499,999 HK$200 HK$9,800 HK$10,000
    HK$250,000 - HK$399,999 HK$200 HK$7,800 HK$8,000
    HK$110,000 - HK$249,999 HK$200 HK$4,800 HK$5,000
    HK$90,000 - HK$109,999 HK$200 HK$3,500 HK$3,700
    HK$70,000 - HK$89,999 HK$200 HK$2,500 HK$2,700
    HK$50,000 - HK$69,999 HK$200 HK$1,500 HK$1,700
    HK$30,000 - HK$49,999 HK$200 HK$800 HK$1,000
    HK$10,000 - HK$29,999 HK$200 HK$500 HK$700
    Below HK$10,000 HK$200 HK$100 HK$300
    • Limited time Cash reward offer is subject to terms and conditions. For details, please click here.
  • [UA30 Tesla Lucky Draw] From 30 May 2023 09:00 a.m. till 29 August 2023 11:59 p.m. (both dates inclusive), new and existing customers are entitled to UA30 Tesla Lucky Draw with a chance of winning A Tesla Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive in red (Marketing Price: HK$354,000):

    • New and existing customers refer to the customers who have not any loan transaction with the Company in the past 24 months from the date of application, excluding e-Cash Revolving Loan applicants who had opened account within the Promotion Period
    • Eligible Customers who successfully applied and drawdown personal instalment loan and with a repayment period in 12 months or above within the Campaign Period will be enrolled in the Campaign automatically, no registration is required. Each loan account (including joint account with more than one account holder) and each customer (including borrower who was holding joint account(s)) can get one lucky draw chance and win one prize in this Campaign only within the Promotion Period regardless of the number of successful loan applications and drawdowns.
    • Eligible Customers who apply loan through Internet, "YES UA" mobile APP, customer service hotline, the Company’s branches or Loan Department are eligible to this Campaign.
    • Applications submitted through other channels will not be entitled to enrolled in this Campaign.
    • The winner of this Campaign will be randomly drawn by the computer system of the Company on 9 September 2023. The result announcement will be sent via SMS or email according to the mobile phone numbers or email address registered in the Company to the Winner. The winner must pick up the Prize in person and present valid Hong Kong Identity Card for identity purposes, otherwise the winner will be disqualified. Each Winner is required to redeem the Prize according to the instructions provided to him/her.
    • UA30 Tesla Lucky Draw is subject to terms and conditions. For details, please click here.
    • Trade Promotion Competition Licence Number: 56987
  • Product Features

    • Accepts applications from property owners with up to HK$1,000,000 required loan amount. A Deed of Assignment is not required from property owners, and they can enjoy a large turnover amount.
    • Loan amount of up to HK$500,000
    • Flexible repayment term of up to 60 months
    • Apply online anytime anywhere, no face-to-face contact is required
    • Whole loan process is completed 24x7 online
    • "MGM Program": Up to HK$60,000 for successful referral. Enjoy unlimited rewards with more referrals!

Need to know

  • Things you need to know

    • As of May 2023, UA’s cash reward is the highest among the major financial companies in Hong Kong
    • New and existing customers refer to the customers who have not any loan transaction with United Asia Finance Limited in the past 24 months from the date of application, excluding e-Cash Revolving Loan Account opened within the Promotion Period.
    • New and existing customer is entitled for the Welcome Offer if the following requirements are satisfied within the Promotion Period:
      • The account opening cash reward only applicable to New Customers who successfully opened an e-Cash Revolving Loan Account
      • New and existing customers who successfully drawdown personal instalment loan are eligible to drawdown the cash reward, and such reward shall be calculated according to the amount of personal instalment loan
    • Loan approval and electronic transfer service is available from Monday to Friday (9:00am-6:30pm), Saturday (9:00am-12:30pm) and except to Sunday & public holidays. The actual date of transfer is subject to the transfer servicing hours of each individual bank.
    • United Asia Finance Limited reserves the right to make final decision on loan approval
    • Warning: You have to repay your loans. Don't pay any intermediaries.
      Enquiry and Complaint Hotline: 2681 8888
      Money Lender’s Licence No.: 1299/2022
    • Trade Promotion Competition Licence Number: 56987


Minimum Age
Permanent Resident

Required Documents

1. Hong Kong Identity Card
2. Recent income proof, e.g., payroll slip, tax demand note, monthly bank account statement/passbook with your salary or MPF statement
3. Employment proof
4. Current residential proof, e.g. utility bills, bank statement

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