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Find the Best Credit Card, Loan, Insurance and Broadband offers in Hong Kong

Credit Card

  • Compare the interest rates and perks of over 200 credit cards in Hong Kong
  • Save money by finding the most affordable cards and apply for them online now
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Credit Card

Personal Loan

  • Use our loan payment comparison tool to find out which loan package works for your planned budget.
  • The MoneyHero comparison tool provides details on different packages offered by lenders.
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Medical Insurance

Compare Medical Insurance products for best coverage.

Travel Insurance

Get the best travel insurance plan for all your trips.


Compare savings accounts from all Hong Kong banks.


Get the best deal on your high-speed internet.

Hong Kong's No. 1 Price Comparison Site

MoneyHero is your one-stop resource for a wide range of financial products in Hong Kong. With our sophisticated comparison tool, you will be able to access up-to-date and unbiased information about credit cards, loans, insurance, broadband and mobile plans, and deposit accounts. We are here make sure that everyone is given the opportunity to find the best products in the market and be equipped with the right information to be able to make sound financial decisions.

Why Use MoneyHero?

  • Save money! With the wide array of financial products and service providers and Hong Kong, people often resort to choosing either the most popular or most convenient option, not aware that they could have gotten a far better deal. MoneyHero is here to bring all information you need right at your fingertips, including discounts and promotions you might otherwise have not known about. Do a quick price comprison and find what you need!
  • Get financial advice. Want to know the basics on credit cards, loans, or insurance? Need some pointers on how to choose the best internet service provider? MoneyHero offers a vast resource of news and articles on most frequently asked questions about financial products in Hong Kong. Check out the MoneyHero blog for some helpful financial tips and advice!
  • User help.
  • Find everything at one place! MoneyHero is here to bring consumers utmost convenience. Our team sought out financial institutions and service providers in Hong Kong and meticulously compiled a most comprehensive database of products that there is no longer a need for you to do legwork. Stay tuned because we will be adding more products in the coming months.;

Financial products in Hong Kong

  • Credit Cards. Compare annual interests, promos, and credit card perks. Find the best credit card option for you instantly. With the MoneyHero comparison tool, view all different apply directly with your chosen bank.
  • Loans. Do you need to apply for a personal loan or a housing loan? Use our loan payment calculator to find out which loan package works for your planned budget. The MoneyHero comparison tool provides details on different packages offered by lenders in Hong Kong.
  • Insurance. Choose an insurance package that gives the best possible coverage at reasonable premiums. MoneyHero offers information on personal accident insurance, travel insurance, and medical insurance packages. Compare insurance plans and stop worrying about tomorrow.

Compare products in Hong Kong and save money with MoneyHero!

Our commitment is to offer great value to our customers. We achieve this by providing accurate, updated, and unbiased information about various financial products in Hong Kong. Our comparison portal is designed for simplicity and ease of use – even your grandmother can do price checks!

Planning to apply for a credit card? No problem! Need internet connection in your new home? We got your back. MoneyHero is your reliable and trustworthy financial comparison tool. We aim to be your all-in-one resource for basic financial information and expert advice in choosing the right products.

But perhaps MoneyHero's best feature is that our comparison tool is FREE to use! Compare an unlimited range of products anytime and get maximum savings. Stay on-site for a few minutes, and you ae guaranteed to get more information as compared to calling banks/providers within the same period.

Try our comparison tool now and see for yourself what MoneyHero can do!

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Money Hero, the hero of comparison
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Compare Products in Hong Kong and Save Money Instantly with MoneyHero

MoneyHero is your new best friend when it comes to making wise financial decisions. We are here to help when you need to find a new credit card, internet plan, or mobile contract. We can also help you find a fantastic loan or savings account, as well as a range of insurance and other financial products.

Our service is free, easy and completely unbiased, and allows you to compare different products and services so you can find the best financial products on the Hong Kong market. With our online comparison platform, you can find the most up-to-date information on credit card interest rates, credit card rewards, the best value internet plans and much, much more!

And that's not all; we also provide you with reliable and comprehensive information and in-depth guides on all of the financial products we compare, so you can always make an informed decision. If you're looking for money saving tips, we also have a blog where we share all of our saving tips and tricks with you.

MoneyHero saves you money, time, and effort, all while helping you become financially savvy!

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