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MoneyHero checks thousands of credit card deals daily. Enjoy exclusive offers from Hong Kong's top credit card providers by finding promos and directly applying online for limited offers! With MoneyHero, you can find the best credit card in Hong Kong with the perfect combination of affordable interest rates, various perks, and promos all in one place!

Choosing a credit card is a decision that for obvious reasons should not be done in haste. As a consumer, you should carefully study all options available to find the one that is most suitable for your needs and lifestyle. With Hong Kong banks offering so many different types of credit cards, consumers just end up looking at and choosing from a select few most of the time.

You might be missing out on a far better deal because you stopped digging deeper! MoneyHero is here so consumers like you are kept up to date on all crucial credit card information, empowering you to make the best choice in credit cards and other financial products. Not only do you save time searching, we help you save money as well.

Credit cards come in handy for some situations such as when you need to make an important but rather large purchase, and are not of the capacity to do so at the given moment. They are financial instruments that can also help you out in emergency situations and are accepted almost anywhere. Credit cards are also great for earning rewards points, which lets gives you access to discounts, privileges, air miles, and special offers!

Furthermore, probably one of the biggest benefits of having a credit card is helping the holder build a credit history. If you pay your credit card bills diligently, you improve your credit score and are more likely to be approved for loans in the future.

  • Accepted payment method worldwide
  • Secured payments
  • Cashback on your purchases
  • Online banking and ATM facility
  • Balance transfer
  • Cash advance
  • Privileges and cashbacks
  • Supplementary cards
  • Shopping and dining discounts

When banks approve your credit card application, they are extending you a personal line of credit, which would be subject to a limit. The credit limit would be determined by the bank upon assessing your application. The exact categories by which banks approve or reject credit card applications is confidential in nature but a good credit rating is more likely to get you approved for a credit card.

Some basic requirements you need to meet when applying for a credit card also include the following:

  • You have to be of legal age
  • You have to be a resident or citizen of Hong Kong
  • You have to meet minimum income requirements
  • You need to have stable employment (some banks look at your employment tenure)
  • You have to provide identification, proof of income, and other require documents

Other banks have more stringent requirements than others. Some banks in Hong Kong may accept proof of car/ home ownership in lieu of a proof of income document, although Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) doesn’t encourage this practice.

To know more about the process of credit card applications in Hong Kong, refer to our main Credit Card Guide . If you have further questions, try our credit card FAQs page. You may also refer to our credit cards Glossary to help you better understand some technical terms.

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