2017 Credit Card Awards

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Tags: , , , , , , , , 2017 Credit Card Awards has successfully held the first credit card award ceremony in Hong Kong, 2017 Credit Card Awards at the Central Eaton House on June 13th, 2017. Managing Director of, Rachel Lam, announced the winners of the seven credit card awards. The award ceremony ended with a group photo of the winners.

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Senior banking product experts at with more than 10 years experience in financial services in Hong Kong selected the winners of the 2017 Credit Card Awards based on objective product criteria.The best products were selected out of more than 140 credit cards and card debt consolidation plans.

Alister Musgrave and Rachel Lam, Managing Directors

Alister Musgrave (left) and Rachel Lam (right), Managing Directors of presented an opening speech before the award ceremony. 2017 Credit Card Award categories: 

  • 2017 Best Air Miles Credit Card
  • 2017 Best Cashback Credit Card
  • 2017 Best Premium Credit Card
  • 2017 Best Dining Credit Card
  • 2017 Best Online Shopping Credit Card
  • 2017 Best Card Debt Solution
  • 2017 Best Bank Card Innovation

Representatives of the Citibanks,HSBC,DBS,CCB,BEA,Standard Chartered,American Express Bank

2017 Best Air Miles Credit Card 

The first award of the 2017 Credit Card Awards is the Best Air Miles Credit Card. The award goes to Standard Chartered Asia Miles Mastercard. The card provides the highest air miles offer, which makes itself undoubtedly the winner of this award.

2017 Best Cashback Credit Card 

While most cashback cards have spending limits, the DBS Eminent Card has unlimited 1% and 2% cash rebate in local spending and foreign spending categories respectively. This makes DBS Eminent Card standout from others, and be awarded 2017 Best Cashback Credit Card.

2017 Best Premium Credit Card 

American Express Cathay Pacific Elite Credit Card provides consumers with various kinds of privileges. New cardholders can earn up to 78,000 Asia Miles in the first 3 months, which is the highest in Hong Kong.

2017 Best Dining Credit Card 

The judges agree that the dining cash rebate of HSBC Visa Signature Card is the best and the most popular because it is widely accepted in all restaurants in Hong Kong. Card holders can earn 1.6% cash rebate for dining in any Hong Kong restaurants.

2017 Best Online Shopping Credit Card 

While other cards offer cash rebates conditional on meeting minimum spending requirements, the CCB Eye credit card offers a 2.8% online shopping cash rebate with the least limitations.

2017 Best Card Debt Solution 

The Citibank Card Debt Consolidation Loan provides the lowest APR as a reference borrowing cost for an average loan amount of HK$200,000 to HK$250,000. Besides, the overall user experience for the Citibank Card Debt Consolidation Loan is the best in Hong Kong.

2017 Best Bank Card Innovation

The aim of this award is to recognize innovations in the card space in Hong Kong. In recent years, Bank of East Asia (BEA) has consistently paid a lot of effort on banking innovation especially where it relates to their card products. would like to once again thank banks and media for attending 2017 Credit Card Awards. We will continue to encourage banks to improve their products and look forward to more innovative products and great deals in future.