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The cost of furnishing a house varies, depending on the size of your property and whether you want to paint the whole house or just a part of it and if you want to hire interior designers or home renovators. These things all add up, so you might need to spend over HK$200,000 or more in total.
Whether you're renovating or redecorating your home, you will need a large amount of cash to buy the furnitures you want and hire professsional interior designers as well as home renovators. A personal loan with low interest rates can help you manage the high costs of remodeling. However, before you take out a loan, you should always consider your loan capacity. Avoid borrowing too much credit than what you can afford.
You should have an estimate of how much your home renovation project will be, including the cost of funitures, hiring interior designer and home renovators, to avoid taking out more than you'd actually need. You should also check carefully if extra costs such as early repayment charge, handling fee and late repayment fee will be charged to reduce the cost of borrowing a loan. That's why you should compare loans offered by different providers using the Annual Percentage Rate (APR), when choosing a personal loan. APR is a reference rate that includes base interest and other charges like handling fee, which gives you a much better idea of how a loan will affect your finances over the long term.
If you need extra cash for home renovation, you could get a personal loan to meet your needs. But please remember that renovation is not a necessity, you should think about whether a loan is really necessary and if you have spare money to make repayments. You should also borrow only the amount you need, as making late payments could affect your credit history. Borrowers are recommended to use the Annualized Percentage Rate to compare different loans, consider the fees and terms and conditions related to a loan, and make the payments on time.
Have you thought of settling your loan early after renovation to ease your financial burden? Check your loan's conditions before you act! Since early repayment would affect the amount of interest earned by banks and financial institutions, many loans have stated in the contract that early repayment charges apply. Borrowers should read the terms carefully to avoid financial loss.

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