The Ultimate Guide to Online Shopping in Hong Kong (Summer 2015)

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Guide to online shopping in Hong Kong

Summer is approaching as it’s July already. You might get hot and sweaty when you go out shopping. The best way to stay away from the heat is, of course, to do online shopping at home with the air conditioner turned on. In fact, online shopping is getting more popular and prevalent in Hong Kong, as it is extremely fast and convenient. has listed information about the discounts of different credit cards, so that you can buy your favorite items online at the best prices.

Credit Cards you must have for online shopping:

Blue Cash Credit Card from American Express: Blue Cash Credit Card from American Express offers 1.25 % Cashback on everyday purchase and online spending from now til the 31st October 2015. 1% Cashback will be offered after 31st October 2015.

DBS Bank Eminent Card: DBS Bank Eminent Card offers a year-round 6% cash rebate on online spending.

Citi Clear Card: This card provides up to 2% cash rebate on online spending.

Standard Chartered WorldMiles Card: This card offeres 1.2% Cashback on online spending.

BEA iTitanium cards: You can enjoy a 3% cashback on online spending.

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Common online shopping platforms in Hong Kong


Settle your payment with DBS COMPASS VISA credit card for any purchase, and you can enjoy a maximum 90-day interest-free repayment period. In general, Taobao will charge customers a 3% service fee but you can enjoy a special rate of 1.5%  by using Shanghai Commercial Bank credit card and Bank of China credit cards.


Readers who love Korean culture must have heard of Gmarket,  a online shopping website like Taobao in Korea. There you can find everything from kitchen tools to clothes. Customers who shop with Visa cards on Gmarket and new members who registered at the English version of the official website will receive a 20% discount coupon while current members will receive a 10% discount coupon and might have a chance at winning a 50% off coupon. If you use the aforementioned credit cards, you can even earn extra cash rebate.


ASOS is one of the famous online shopping websites in Europe. You can enjoy free delivery services for transaction of HKD 300 and above. Just sit and wait for about 2 weeks and you will receive your purchases. However, if you don’t want to wait for so long, you can pay an additional fee for express delivery service.  Register for “Traveler Rewards” with a DBS Bank credit Card or a Bank of China credit card, and you can enjoy a 5% rewards for purchases at ASOS!


Zalora is a shopping website that emerged last year. Apart from products with many different brand names such as Mango, Salad and Ray-Ban, the website also provides excellent services such as free delivery service for transaction of HKD 150 and above, HKD100 e-coupons for subscribption to newsletter and product return within 30 days of receipt. From now until December 31, 2015, customers who browse on Thursday and make a payment with a MasterCard will receive a 7% discount. There is no upper and lower limit for the amount of transaction for this offer, but it is valid for the first 3,000 deals only, so you have to hurry. For Standard Chartered Bank credit cards, you can enjoy a year-round 10% discount on regular-priced items. You can even enjoy 1.2% cash rebate if you are using a WorldMiles credit card!


Similar to Gmarket, many different kinds of products are available on Nissen from Japan. Customers who make a purchase of HKD 600 or above with DBS Bank credit cards can instantly enjoy a HKD 100 discount from now til 31st August .

HKTV Mall:

Last but not the least, we would like to introduce to you a local shopping website – the HKTV Mall. After registration, you will receive a cash rebate(Mall Dollar) for every purchase you make on HKTV mall. You can use your mall dollars directly when you shop next time. At least 3 % Mall dollars will be awarded to you for every spending you make. Using the aforementioned credit cards, you can earn even more benefits and discounts!

Guide to Shopping on Overseas Websites

If you are smart and experienced in online shopping, then you must know that you can buy a lot of products on overseas websites at a much lower price, such as products with brand names including Kate Spade and Coach. You can also buy products with discounts on shopping seasons like Thanksgiving and Christmas. No need to worry if you are not a fan of branded handbags. These websites also provide various kinds of groceries and items, such as limited edition figures, cosmetics and so on. But then you might wonder how you can ship all the goods back to Hong Kong when many websites only provide local delivery services. The answer is to look for parcel forwarding services!

Many parcel forwarding companies provide customers with a US/ UK shipping address. You can use their addresses when you shop on overseas websites. The companies will collect and repack your purchases and forward them to your address in Hong Kong by express delivery service. But there are too many this kind of companies, so don’t just look at the price. Remember to find a company with good reputation to make sure your parcels are safe.

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Commonly-used Freight Consolidation Services in Hong Kong


From now til 31st December 2015, customers who purchase on DimBuy and pay with Citi Clear Cards can enjoy a 30% discount for the first shipment from the US, China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan to Hong Kong. They can enjoy a 15% discount for the following shipments. Customers who pay with other eligible Citybank credit cards can enjoy a 12% discount for the first shipment and a 10% discount for the next shipments. In addition, they can enjoy free package consolidation services. You can collect all your purchases at designated Circle K, 7-eleven and Sheong Fung Express service centers.


From now til 31st December 2015, customers with Citibank credit cards can enjoy free procurement services, free US and UK shipping address, free repacking and parcel consolidation services. You can also enjoy a 20% discount for first shipment/ product return and a 5% discount for next shipments / product returns. From now til 31st Match 2016, customers who settle shipping fees with DBS bank credit cards at the designated Borderlinx website can enjoy a 15% discount for the first shipment as well as complimentary concierge service.

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