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Compare 9 digital wallets in Hong Kong

There are 9 major digital wallets in Hong Kong including PayMe, Wechat Pay, AlipayHK, PayMe, Tap & Go, TNG Wallet(TNG), O!ePay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and UnionPay QuickPass.

Apart from top up, cash withdrawal and P2P transfer, some digital wallets also provide functions for global money transfer and bill payment. Below is the comparison table of the digital wallets:

Function Alipay HKT Octopus ChinaUnionpay HSBC Tencent TNG Apple Google
Credit Card Binding
Online Payment
Merchant Payment
P2P Transfer Payment
In Person Money Transfer
Global Money Transfer
Bill Payment

You could bind your credit card with some digital wallets to earn extra rewards.Compare the air miles and cash rebate you can get if binding the credit cards with Payme, Wechat Pay and Alipay HK!

Digital Wallet FAQ

There are basic, payment-oriented and integrated digital wallets in Hong Kong. Basic functions of digital wallet include top-up, money withdrawal and money transfer such as PayMe.

Digital wallets with payment function are Apple Pay, Google Pay and UnionPay Quick Pass. These digital wallets support store and online merchant payment, which support credit cards issued by major banks in Hong Kong.

Integrated digital wallets support top-up, money withdrawal and money transfer, as well as payment functions. Examples are Wechat Pay, Alipay HK, Tap & Go, TNG Wallet and O! ePay.

Wechat Pay, Alipay HK, Pay Me, Tap&Go, TNG and O!ePay support top-up function to increase the balance in the wallets, there are several ways to top up:

Top-up method WechatPay Alipay Payme Tap&Go tngWallet O!epay
Credit Card
Bank account

Digital Wallet Top-up method
WechatPay Cash: 7-11, Circle K and McDonald
Bank Account: Dah Sing Bank, ICBC (Asia), Bank of China Hong Kong and China CITIC Bank International
Alipay Cash: 7-11, Circle K, Fortress, Watsons, McDonald’s and ParkNShop stores, Coin Carts
Bank Account: via bank account / via online banking
Payme Credit Card: Citibank, DBS, CCBA, Dah Sing Bank, Bank of China Hong Kong, China CITIC Bank International etc.
Bank Account: HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, Bank of China Hong Kong, NCB, ICBC Asia, Chong Hing Bank, CCBA, Shanghai Commercial Bank, China CITIC Bank International, Chiyu Bank, Bank of Communications (Hong Kong), Citibank, DBS, BEA
Tap&Go Faster Payment Service (Instant top-ups)
Cash: HKT, 1010, CSL, 7-Eleven, Circle K, 759 Store,
SUN MOBILE, Pricerite, HEYCOINS, Coin Cart
Financial institutions: FWD, Bank of China (Hong Kong), HSBC, Hang Seng Bank
tngWallet Bank Account: Bank of China (Hong Kong), Chiyu Bank and NCB
ATM: Jetco
Cash: 7-11, Circle-K, Coin Carts, Coin Dragon
Credit Card: Most banks in Hong Kong
O!epay Faster Payment Service (Instant top-ups)
Cash︰7-11, Coin Carts, Heng On Market

You can withdraw money from digital wallets like Wechat Pay, PayMe, Tap & Go, TNG and Octopus O!e Pay to your bank accounts(most banks applicable).You can also withdraw money from Alipay HK to HSBC, Heng Seng, Bank of China, Standard Chartered, Citibank, BEA , ICBC and Dah Shing Bank accounts.

Now you can bind the credit cards with Wechat Pay, Alipay HK, PayMe, Octopus O!e Pay or payment-oriented digital wallets.

Also, You can earn the air miles and cash rebate if binding the credit cards with Payme(Top-up), Wechat Pay and Alipay HK(Money Transfer).

But not all digital wallets provide credit cards binding rewards. For example, if you top up Tap & Go, you can not earn any rebates; if you top up TNG with a credit card, it will charge you a handling fee.

*All information is for your reference and updated by October 2020.

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