Mox Credit

Last Updated: Dec 2023
No Requirement

Min. Annual Income


Overseas Spending - Cashback Rate

Unlimited CashBack: No cap, no category limits

Local Spending - Cashback Rate

Unlimited CashBack on at all supermarkets in Hong Kong
Enjoy 3% Unlimited CashBack at supermarkets, includes: Donki, HKTVmall, YATA, PARKnSHOP, Wellcome, AEON etc.
New customers earn up to 10.4% p.a. savings rate
Annual Fee Waiver

Great for

  • MoneyHero Limited-Time Exclusive Offer

    • New Mox Customers and got Mox Credit approval get rewarded with HK$300 HKTVmall e-Gift Voucher by fulfilling the following requirements:
    Important Dates Requirements

    From 17 November 2023 12 noon to 31 December 2023 12 noon

    New Mox customers who successfully apply for Mox Credit via MoneyHero with the invitation code " MOXMH1000"

    Within 7 days of receiving the successful application email Submit the reward redemption form sent via email previously.
    On or before 31 December 2023 The Mox account and Mox Credit must be approved by Mox, subject to the Bank’s system records.
    • Tips:
      • Please submit the reward redemption form sent via email previously within 7 days of receiving the sucessful application email.
      • Please turn off AdBlocker and private mode before application: 3 settings to ensure coupon reward eligibility
      • Remember to have your cell phone and Hong Kong Identity Card ready before applying! It is recommended to submit all the required documents in one go to speed up the approval process.. After successfully submitting the application and opening the Mox account as well as Mox Credit, you will receive an email notice with application reference number (7-digits) in 14 working days. Please be reminded to enter the Invitation Code “MOXMH1000” to get the application reference number, if you don't receive the email, please check your spam folder.
      • MoneyHero Limited-Time Exclusive Offer is provided by MoneyHero, Mox has no relation with its redemption, usage and dispute.
      • Terms and Conditions Apply.
  • Mox Bank Welcome Offer - up to HK$1,000 Cash Rewards with Mox

    • From now until 31 December 2023, open a Mox Account successfully with the invitation code "MOXMH1000" and successfully apply for Mox Credit, you can get HK$1,000 Cash Rewards by making 5 eligible spendings with at least HK$100 each with Mox Credit within the first 30 days of your Mox Credit approval!
    • MOXMH1000 Invitation Code Promotion Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Every new customer only can use ONE invitation code to open a Mox account
  • Introducing a new way to earn CashBack from Mox Credit. All you need is Mox Credit to earn Unlimited CashBack for all your spendings all year round with no cap and no category limits

    • Enjoy 3% Unlimited CashBack at supermarkets, includes: Donki, HKTVmall, YATA, PARKnSHOP, Wellcome, AEON etc.
    • Enjoy 2% Unlimited CashBack anytime, everywhere: if you keep HK$75,000 in your Mox Account to enjoy high savings rate and unlock 2% Unlimited CashBack on all your spendings! No cap and no categories limit!  
    • Earn 1% Unlimited CashBack: if you are not keeping enough savings with Mox. Start earning with no limit now! 
    • 3% CashBack at selected CashBack Merchants: spend with Mox Credit to earn 3% CashBack at selected Cashback Merchants, such as 7-11, Mannings, Watsons, Circle K, Deliveroo, HKTaxim Uber,, selected merchants under HKT and more! (cap HK$600 cash reward during the promotion period)
  • Up to 10.4% p.a. saving rate for new customers

    • 4.2% p.a. savings rate: Simply bring in a minimum of HK$75,000 New Funds in Mox Savings Account (Time Deposit excluded) before 30 November 2023, keep these New Funds in your Mox Savings Account until 15 Apil 2024
    • Welcome Bonus: From now till 30 November, new customers - simply register Mox as the default FPS bank on the first 60 days with Mox to enjoy a Welcome Bonus of 3.2% p.a. savings rate on next-day deposits! Together with Mox 0.3% p.a. base rate, you will enjoy 3.5% p.a. in total.
    • Complete all the Mox Bonus Challenges each month to earn another up to 2.7% p.a. bonus interest on next-day deposits of up to HK$500,000
      • Mox Bonus - Saving Challenge (1.7% p.a.): Bring in HK$20,000 new funds, compared to previous month’s monthly average savings balance
      • Mox Bonus - Spending Challenge (0.5% p.a.) : Spend at least HK$5,000 using your Mox Card (with Mox Credit or from your Mox Account)
      • Mox Bonus - Bill Payment Challenge (0.5% p.a.): Have 3 bill payments in past 35 days
    • New customers can enjoy up to 10% p.a. in total (3.2% Welcome Bonus +2.7% Mox Bonus+0.3% Base rate + 4.2% Cash Reward)  
    • Deposit the following new funds into your Mox demand deposit account (except time deposit) on or before 30 November 2023 and maintain it until 15 April 2024 to enjoy a cash bonus of up to HK$18,888, which is equivalent to 5% deposit interest rate per annum on the new funds. Mox will make a direct credit to your account on or before 31 May 2024
    New Fund Requirement Reward Effective rate on new fund
    HK$75,000 HK$1,888 4.2%
    HK$150,000 HK$2,368 4.2%
    HK$300,000 HK$5,068 4.5%
    HK$500,000 HK$8,828 4.7%
    HK$1,000,000 HK$18,888 5.0%
  • Preferential Time Deposit Rates of up to 4.6% p.a. with New Funds

    • With new funds, customers can enjoy higher interest rates by setting up Time Deposit rates, applicable to 6, 12 & 24 months tenors
    Tenor Preferential rates (For New Funds)
    6-month 4.60%
    12-month 4.25%
    24-month 3.80%
  • Transfer flexibly with Mox Credit with no fees

    • Starting 1 May 2023, Mox Credit allows you to effortlessly manage your monthly expenses by making transfers via FPS to pay bills or send money to loved ones
    • Whether you need to transfer money to friends or family, set up designated payees to pay rent, tuition fees, or miscellaneous expenses, or purchasing goods and services, Mox Credit makes it easy for you.
    • Enjoy an interest-free period of up to 56 days with just one click and you can even set up recurring payments to stay ahead of deadlines. If you exceed your personalised transfer limit, a handling fee of up to 2% will be applied. To keep track of your threshold and fees, you can easily check your Mox app
  • Mox Credit - Numberless All-in-One Bank Card

    • Up to 56 days of interest-free
    • Spend with Mox Credit: Enjoy 3% Unlimited CashBack at all supermarkets, includes: Donki, HKTVmall, YATA, PARKnSHOP, Wellcome, AEON etc
    • No late payment fee
    • One card for all purchases and cash withdrawal.
    • No card number, expiry date or CVV on physical card. It is to reduce the risk of losing personal information and for added security benefits.
    • Use the Mox app to lock/unlock your Mox Credit, update your daily limit, and set ATM PIN. Reduce the risk of fraud even if you lose your card.
    • Use JETCO ATMs in Hong Kong for free.
  • Mox Exclusive Offer

    • Discover discount offers, free gifts, unique experiences and more
    • Please visit the Mox Official Website for the list of exclusive offers
  • Earned CashBack will be deposited to your Mox Account directly. You no longer need to redeem points.
  • Perpetual annual fee waiver

Need to know

  • Mox Credit terms and conditions and the Mox Credit Key Facts Statement apply.
  • From 4 May 2021, earn 1% Unlimited CashBack when spending with Mox Credit on eligible transactions. CashBack terms and conditions apply. See also the CashBack table in the ‘Legal documents’ section of our website for specific details of our current CashBack offers.
  • From 26 September 2023, earn unlimited CashBack calculated at 2% on the amount of the eligible transaction made with Mox Credit, if you have an eligible balance of at least HK$75,000 in your savings accounts with Mox (excluding any balances held in your Time Deposit Account(s)) at the time you make the relevant transaction. 
  • From 26 September 2023, earn unlimited CashBack calculated at 3% on the amount of the eligible transaction made with Mox Credit made at ‘supermarkets and grocery stores’, as classified by MasterCard Asia/Pacific (Hong Kong) Limited. 
  • From 26 September to 31 December 2023, earn up to HK$600 CashBack calculated at 3% on the eligible transaction made with Mox Credit at selected CashBack Merchants.
  • General Terms and Conditions (in particular, see Schedule 3 to the General Terms and Conditions) and Split Purchase Cash Rewards Promotion Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Monthly Average Balance refers to the average of your HKD deposit balance on all calendar days in a calendar month.
  • Terms and conditions apply.
  • Mox disclaimer applies.

Year-round rewards

Local Spending
Unlimited CashBack on at all supermarkets in Hong Kong
Supermarket Spending
Unlimited CashBack on at all supermarkets in Hong Kong
Digital Wallet Spending
Unlimited CashBack on at all supermarkets in Hong Kong
Overseas Spending
Unlimited CashBack: No cap, no category limits


Minimum Age
18 years old
Min. Annual Income
No requirement


Annual fee
Perpetual Annual Fee Waiver
Foreign Currency Transaction Fee


Minimum Payment
If your statement balance is less than HK$220, the minimum amount due will be the total statement balance.
Otherwise, the minimum amount due will be the highest of the following two amounts:
1. i. 100% of interest, fees and charges; plus ii. 1% of outstanding principal; plus iii. the higher of: A. any amount exceeding your credit limit (excluding interest, fees and charges under (i)); and B. any overdue amount (as applicable, such as any overdue minimum payments); or 2. HK$220.
Late payment charge
No late payment fee but Finance charges (interest) will apply if you do not pay your Mox Credit statement balance in full on or before your payment due date
Retail Purchase APR
Cash Advance APR
Interest Free Repayment Period
Up to 56 days

Other information

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