Mox Credit
Last Updated: Mar 2023
No Requirement

Min. Annual Income


Overseas Spending - Cashback Rate


Local Spending - Cashback Rate

3.0% Cashback at selected merchants and 1% unlimited CaschBack everywhere else
Up to 56 days of interest-free; no late payment fee; Welcome Bonus upgraded for new customers – Enjoy 3% p.a. total deposit rate!
Annual Fee Waiver

Great for

  • Up to 6% p.a. saving rate: New customers who successfully join Mox from now till 31 March 2023 can enjoy up to 6% p.a. total deposit rate on deposits of up to HK$500,000

    • Welcome Bonus: New customer automatically enjoy 3% p.a. total deposit rate on deposits of up to HK$500,000 for your first 60 days with Mox
    • Complete all the Mox Bonus Challenges each month to earn another up to 3% p.a. bonus interest on next-day deposits of up to HK$500,000
      • Mox Bonus - Saving and Spending Challenges (2% p.a.) a. Saving Challenge: Keep HK$10,000 New Funds on a day on top of your Monthly Average Balance for the previous month .
      • Spending Challenge: Spend at least HK$6,000 each month using your Mox Card (with Mox Credit or from your Mox Account)
      • Mox Bonus - HKT Autopay Switch Challenge (0.5% p.a.): Set up HKT Autopay Switch and have at least 1 automatic payment transaction of HKT Group bill using your Mox Card within the past 35 days
      • Mox Bonus - Goal Account Challenge (0.5% p.a.): Set up a Goal Account, keep at least HK$10,000 in it every day)
    • New customers can enjoy up to 6% p.a. in total (2.7% Welcome Bonus +3% Mox Bonus+0.3% Base rate)  
    • Welcome Bonus Promotion (February – March 2023) and Mox Bonus Promotion (February - March 2023) terms and conditions apply.
  • Welcome Offer -  Rewarded with a 10% p.a. savings rate on your Time Deposit! 

    • From now until 31 March 2023, open a Mox Account with the invitation code ‘MOXSAVE’ and set up a 1-month HKD Time Deposit within the first 7 days to be rewarded with a 10% p.a. savings rate on your Time Deposit.  (This includes our 0.3% p.a. base time deposit rate and an extra 9.7% p.a. bonus interest; Time Deposit amount up to HK$50,000.) 
    • Welcome Time Deposit Promotion (March 2023) Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Welcome Offer - Mox Credit HK$1,000 Account Opening Cash Reward

    • From now until 31 March 2023, open a Mox Account successfully with the Invitation Code "MOX1000" and spend at least HK500 each month for two consecutive months with Mox Credit from the Mox Credit approval date, and you can receive a HK$1,000 cash reward.

  • Each customer can only use one of the invitation code mentioned above to earn welcome cash reward.
  • Mox Lucky Draw Promotion - Get a chance to win a RIMOWA CLASSIC Check-In M

    • From now to 3 April 2023, the Lucky Draw will be entered to the customers who successfully applied for a Split Purchase of loan amount HK$1,000 or above, or an Instant Clear of loan amount HK$5,000 or above .
    • Each customer can get a maximum of 5 lucky draw entries and Each customer can win one Prize only
    Award Prize
    Grand Prize

    RIMOWA CLASSIC Check-In M (valued at HK$12,900)


    2nd Prize

    Apple iPad Air 64GB (valued at HK$4,799)


    3rd Prize

    Apple AirPods (3rd generation) (valued at HK$1,499)


    • The Lucky Draw will be held on 3 May 2023, and 25 winners will be selected at random by Mox.
    • The Lucky Draw result will be announced on Mox’s website and social media pages by 7 May 2023. Mox will notify each Winner via email and SMS on 7 May 2023 and provide details on how the Winner may collect their Prize.
    • Mox Lucky Draw Promotion Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Limited offer - 5% CashBack Unlock

    • 1% Unlimited CashBack: Get 1% Unlimited CashBack everywhere else when you spend with Mox Credit
    • 3% CashBack at selected CashBack Merchants: From now until 30 April 2023, spend at selected CashBack Merchants to enjoy 3% CashBack
      • Selected CashBack Merchants including: HKTVmall, deliveroo, csl., 1O1O,, Google Play Store, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Hong Kong Taxi, etc.
    • 5% CashBack Unlock: From now till 30 April 2023, get 5% CashBack when you susseccfully activate Split Purchase of HK$5,000 or more, either with a single eligible Mox Credit transaction or combined transaction(s).  If you already have an active Split Purchase, you can enjoy 5% CashBack Unlock on your next purchase. 
      • After unlocking, enjoy an increase from 3% to 5% CashBack on your next purchase at our CashBack Merchants, with the monthly cap increased from HK$50 to HK$100 (the cap will be shared with 3% Cashback) (but not for transactions made with 0% Merchant Split Purchase)
  • Earn HK$250 cash rewards with Split Purchase at CashBack Merchants

    • From 16 January 2023 to 30 April 2023, spend with Mox Credit at CashBack Merchants and start a single active Split Purchase of HK$5,000 or above, and you’ll receive HK$250 cash rewards
  • Mox Credit - Numberless All-in-One Bank Card

    • Up to 56 days of interest-free
    • No late payment fee
    • One card for all purchases and cash withdrawal.
    • No card number, expiry date or CVV on physical card. It is to reduce the risk of losing personal information and for added security benefits.
    • Use the Mox app to lock/unlock your Mox Credit, update your daily limit, and set ATM PIN. Reduce the risk of fraud even if you lose your card.
    • Use JETCO ATMs in Hong Kong for free.
  • Earned CashBack will be deposited to your Mox Account directly. You no longer need to redeem points.
  • Perpetual annual fee waiver

Need to know

  • Mox Credit terms and conditions and the Mox Credit Key Facts Statement apply.
  • From 4 May 2021, earn 1% Unlimited CashBack when spending with Mox Credit on eligible transactions. CashBack terms and conditions apply. See also the CashBack table in the ‘Legal documents’ section of our website for specific details of our current CashBack offers.
  • You are required to set up Mox Account before applying for Mox Credit.
    • To set up Mox Account, you must be aged 18 or above and hold a valid Hong Kong identity card. You must have a valid Hong Kong residential and mailing address.
  • General Terms and Conditions (in particular, see Schedule 3 to the General Terms and Conditions) and Split Purchase Cash Rewards Promotion Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Monthly Average Balance refers to the average of your HKD deposit balance on all calendar days in a calendar month.
  • Terms and conditions apply.
  • Mox disclaimer applies.

Year-round rewards

Local Spending
Overseas Spending
Supermarket Spending
Digital Wallet Spending


Minimum Age
18 years old
Min. Annual Income
No requirement


Annual fee
Perpetual Annual Fee Waiver
Foreign Currency Transaction Fee


Minimum Payment
If your statement balance is less than HK$220, the minimum amount due will be the total statement balance.
Otherwise, the minimum amount due will be the highest of the following two amounts:
1. i. 100% of interest, fees and charges; plus ii. 1% of outstanding principal; plus iii. the higher of: A. any amount exceeding your credit limit (excluding interest, fees and charges under (i)); and B. any overdue amount (as applicable, such as any overdue minimum payments); or 2. HK$220.
Late payment charge
No late payment fee but Finance charges (interest) will apply if you do not pay your Mox Credit statement balance in full on or before your payment due date
Retail Purchase APR
Cash Advance APR
Interest Free Repayment Period
56 days

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