Top 10 Highest-Paying Jobs for Fresh Graduates in Hong Kong



Last Updated 16 October, 2014

When it comes to building a career, you've got to start somewhere. If you’re fresh out of university, or are just about to graduate in a few months, you might have started attending career talks and job fairs. We're here to help you see your options for high-paying jobs in Hong Kong! If you’re feeling confident about your qualifications for a job of your choice, check out the salary range and be in a better position when you negotiate with a potential employer.

Hong Kong highest paying jobs

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10. Commercial Banks or Global Companies (Management Trainees) HKD 20,000-25,000

For fresh graduates, you can immediately get hired as a management trainee in any of the local commercial banks or international companies and start earning by as much HKD 25,000 a month.

9. Registered Nurse

General Healthcare HKD 24,450

Mental Healthcare HKD 26,985

Healthcare service providers are among the highest paid workers in Hong Kong. As a registered nurse, you can get paid a monthly salary to allow you to live comfortably.You can earn even more if you specialise in mental healthcare.

8. Executive Officer II HKD 24,450

Executive officers are normally assigned to government bureaus and departments. They hold a large scope of responsibilities including human resource management, financial resource management, administration support, and more.

7. Graduate Teachers (GM) HKD 26,985

Graduate Masters serve as class teachers in a secondary school here in Hong Kong. To be qualified as a Graduate Master by the Education Bureau, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree from a local university or equivalent. There is a preference for GM candidates to have a post-graduate certificate in education.

6. ICAC Investigator HKD 36,505

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) employs only ten individuals every year. You can start your career at ICAC as an investigator for a hefty salary if you pass all the qualifications. It's an important post in an important organisation, which is why it's a job that pays really well.

5. Police Inspector HKD 35,645 - 36,720

To become a certified police inspector in HK, you need a Degree/ Associate Degree/ Higher Diploma/ Diploma, or equivalent. You can earn a bit more if you pass “Level 1” or above in 'Use of Chinese' and 'Use of English' in the Common Recruitment Examination.

4. Resident Pharmacist HKD 34,315

A pharmacist here in Hong Kong has to hold a pharmacy degree from the University of Hong Kong or the Chinese University of Hong Kong and have passed the examinations given by the Pharmacy & Poisons Board of Hong Kong.

3. Administrative Officer HKD 43,120

To qualify for the position of administrative officer for the Hong Kong government, you will need to have a first or second class honours bachelor’s degree from a Hong Kong university. You will also need to pass the aptitude test and have good command of both Chinese and English.

2. Bank Front Office HKD 45,000

If you’re lucky to get into an investment bank, you can get a competitive salary and you’ll be put into a challenging and exciting work environment. You’ll need a university degree at least and knowledge about equity derivatives so it’s best if you have a degree in finance or banking.

1. Resident Medical Officer HKD 54,000

Years of studying in medical school and all that time studying to pass the board can finally pay off for medical officers as they can enjoy one of the highest starting salaries out of all the professions here in Hong Kong.

Source of salary figures: Civil Service Pay Scale and CTgoodjobs Survey

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