Hang Seng MMPOWER World Mastercard®

Last Updated: Jun 2023

Min. Annual Income


Local Spending - Cashback Rate

(+ FUN Dollars; on online/ selected spending categories)
(Non-direct Cashback) Designated mobile payment spending: 5% +FUN Dollars Rebate; other local spending: 0.4% +FUN Dollars Rebate

Overseas Spending - Cashback Rate

(+FUN Dollars)
5% +FUN Dollars when you spend online
MCL Cinema 10% off regular-priced movie tickets, online handling fee waiver
Annual Fee Waiver
MoneyHero Exclusive Offer

Great for

  • MoneyHero Limited-Time Exclusive Offer

    • New Hang Seng MMPOWER World Mastercard Customers/ existing customers of other Hang Seng Credit Card get rewarded with Delsey TITANIUM 27.5 inch (valued at HK$2,480) / OTO wireless percussive massager (valued at HK$1,980) / Marshall Emberton (valued at HK$1,499) / HK$1,000 Apple Store Gift Card OR HKTVmall e-Gift Voucher OR Wellcome Shopping Voucher by fulfilling the following requirements:
    Important Dates Requirements

    From now till 12 June 2023 12 noon

    New Hang Seng Credit Card Customers/ existing customers of other Hang Seng Credit Card who successfully apply for Hang Seng MMPOWER World Mastercard via MoneyHero

    Within 7 days of receiving the form Submit the reward redemption form sent via email previously.
    On or before 31 July 2023 The card must be approved by the bank, subject to the Bank’s system records.
    Within 30 days upon card approval Make a minimum spend of HK$1,000 with the card
    • Tips:
      • ⚠️To ensure you can get the MoneyHero exclusive reward, please do not log on to Hang Seng Personal e-Banking
      • Please turn off AdBlocker and private mode before application: 3 settings to ensure coupon reward eligibility
      • Have your mobile phone and HKID ready before application! You are advised to upload all required documents when you apply for the card to facilitate the approval process. Don't forget to note down your application reference number. It can be used for checking your application status and claiming MoneyHero exclusive offer.
      • Please submit the reward redemption form sent via email previously within 7 days of receiving the form.
      • Terms and Conditions Apply.
  • Everyday +FUN Dollars - 5% +FUN Dollars Rebate
    • Starting from 1 Jun to 31 Dec 2023, you can get 5% +FUN Dollars in your selected spending categories (2 out of 5) by successfully registering for Everyday +FUN Dollars
      • Mobile Payment
      • Dining (dine-in and takeaway spendings at restaurant outlets)
      • Travel and foreign currency (hotels, airlines, travel agencies and more)
      • Electronics
      • Entertainment (video and music streaming platforms, local cinemas in Hong Kong, local theme parks, Cityline ticket spendings, and more)
  • Exclusive MCL Offers
    • Online handling fee waiver
    • Add $1 +FUN Dollars to redeem 1 more movie ticket
    • Free small popcorn
    • 10% off regular-priced movie tickets
  • World Mastercard Privileges
    • Personal concierge services: Arrange a personal, dedicated meet-and-greet agent to escort you through the airport on departure, arrival or any connecting flights.

Need to know

  • MoneyHero exclusive offer is only applicable to new Hang Seng Credit Card or Existing Credit Card cardholders (Do not hold MPOWER card in the past 12 months) who are not currently holding and/or have not held the Principal Card of any personal credit card/affinity card/co-branded card (excluding spending card and private label card) issued by Hang Seng Bank Limited during the 12 months immediately preceding the date of application.
  • If a customer who has received the offers cancels the relevant credit card account within 13 months from the date of account opening, a handling fee of an equivalent amount will be charged
  • +FUN Dollars reward will be credited to the relevant credit card account of the Principal Card customers within 3 months upon fulfillment of the spending requirement(s). The relevant credit card account must be still valid and in good standing when +FUN Dollars are credited
  • +FUN Dollars accumulated from the last Credit Card annual renewal month to the next annual renewal month will be valid up to 15 months.
    For example, if the renewal month is July, +FUN Dollars that are accumulated between July 2021 to June 2022 will be valid till October 2022.
  • MoneyHero may not present bank’s full version of marketing materials but extract some conditions only, to avoid any complaint from customers, below sample disclaimer is suggested. We may edit it if there’s word number limitation.

Year-round rewards

Local Spending
(Non-direct Cashback) Designated mobile payment spending: 5% +FUN Dollars Rebate; other local spending: 0.4% +FUN Dollars Rebate
Overseas Spending
Online Shopping Spending (Local)
Online Shopping Spending (Overseas)
Dining Spending


Minimum Age
18 years old
Min. Annual Income
HK$150,000 (except full-time university/tertiary students)


Annual fee
Perpetual Annual Fee Waiver
Foreign Currency Transaction Fee


Minimum Payment
The Minimum Payment Amount is HK$300 or the sum of item (i) to (iv) below (whichever is higher): (i) all fees and charges (including finance charges and annual fees); (ii) any overdue Minimum Payment Amount; (iii) amount exceeding the prescribed credit limit after deducting the amount of items (i) and (ii) from the New Balance; and (iv) 1% of the New Balance after deducting the amount of item (i) to (iii).
Late payment charge
HK$300 or an amount equal to the Minimum Payment Amount (whichever is lower)
Retail Purchase APR
Cash Advance APR
Interest Free Repayment Period
56 days

Other information

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