Your Essential Home Water Filters Buying Guide: From $300 to $6,000



Last Updated 29 July, 2015

People in Hong Kong are now running scared of the lead-in-drinking-water crisis. The pollution of drinking water is undoubtedly an urging problem to everyone, regardless of where you live in, be it public housing estates or private residential blocks. The government said it would purchase water filters for the residents of several housing estates, but what exactly are these water filtration products? Are they really effective in removing contaminants? Do you know how to distinguish between various kinds of water filtering devices now available in the market? has now compared different types of water filters according to your budget, so that you can spend wisely and drink with ease.

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Budget Price: From HK$ 300 - HK$700: Water Filter Pitchers

Water filter pitchers are cheaper options for water filtering. You have to pour water into the pitcher first and then wait for a period of time (about half an hour) before consumption. A water filter pitcher generally costs no more than HK$1,000 but the cost of replacement filters could be even higher than the price of the pitcher itself!

For instance, the price of a German-made BRITA water filter pitcher ranges from HK$400 to HK$700 while the filter which needs to be replaced every 2 months costs about HK$90. In other words, you have to spend an extra amount of more than HK$500 on the upkeep cost every year apart from the price of the pitcher.

MoneyHero's picks for Water Filter Pitchers:


Cheapest OptionsGerman Pool: Made in China, this pitcher costs HK$300 approximately, while the filter costs about HK$40 per month.

BRITA: This German-made pitcher costs about HK$400 ~ HK$700 and the cost of filter replacement is about HK$45 per month.

Mitsubishi: The price of this Japanese-made water pitcher is about HK$500. The filter costs about HK$40 per month.

Panasonic: This water pitcher is made in Japan and costs about HK$400. The cost of the filter is about HK$50 per month.

Budget Price : From HK$300 – HK$1,000: Faucet-mounted Filters

Water pitchers might be too much trouble for you as it takes some time before you really can use the water. In fact, you can buy a faucet-mounted filter at a similar budget price instead. It can be as cheap as HK$300 and as expensive as HK$1,000. With longer life span, the upkeep cost of a faucet-mounted filter might be even lower than that of the pitchers on average. However, the cost of the filter cartridge can differ hugely among various types of faucet-mounted filters. You should pick one according to your specific needs. For example, the difference in the costs of filter cartridges for different Panasonic's Faucet-mounted Filters could be as great as 7 times higher. You should pick the cartridge that best fits your budget.

MoneyHero's picks for Faucet-mounted Filters


Recommended OptionsPanasonic: Made in Japan, this filter costs about HK$300 to HK$800, while the filter cartridge is about HK$8 to HK$56 per month, depending on the specifications.

B&H: The Taiwanese-made filter costs about HK$300 with cartridges that costs HK$17 per month.

Mitsubishi: The price of this Japanese-made filter ranges from about HK$500 to HK$1,000 while the cartridge is about HK$120.

Philips: This filter is made in Japan and the price starts from HK$300 to HK$900. The filter cartridge costs around HK$18 to HK$130, depending on the specifications.

Budget Price: From HK$800 to $2,500: Counter-top filters

With standard certification such as the NSF Standard 53 certification, counter-top filters are more pricey options for water filtering models. However, you should also consider the fact that counter-top filters occupy more space and require special installation by licensed plumber.

MoneyHero's picks for Counter-top filters:


Affordable Options For Certified FiltersDoultion: It is the cheapest NSF53 certified filter among all counter-top filters. The price of the filter ranges from around HK$1,200 to HK$2,000 with the installation fee of HK$100. This filter is made in Britain and the upkeep cost of the filter cartridge is about HK$40 per month.

B&H: This filter is made in Taiwan with a selling price at around HK$800. The filter cartridge costs about HK$40 per month.

Mitsubishi: Made in Japan or China, this filter costs around HK$1,200 to HK$2,500. The cartridge costs about HK$50 to HK$70 per month, depending on the specifications.

Philips: This Japanese-made filter costs about HK$1,000, while the price of the cartridge is about HK$45 per month.

Panasonic: The price of this Japanese-made filter is about HK$1,000 while the cartridge costs around HK$8 to HK$70, depending on the specifications.

Budget Price: From HK$2,000- HK$6,000: Under-sink water filters

If you don't mind spending a large sum of money for water of better quality, under-sink water filters are probably your best option. Under-sink water filters require installation by a licensed plumber and most of this filter models are equipped with several filters to generate different filtering effects. Replacement of filters should be the prime factor that you should consider when picking a under-sink water filters. After all, the life span of various types of filter cartridges differs and not all filters have an filter replacement indicator.

MoneyHero's picks for Under-sink water filters


Safest Choice3M: This NSF 53 certified water filter is made in the U.S. or China and costs around HK$5,000 to HK$6,000, with an installation fee of HK$500. The filter cartridge costs about HK$250 to HK$300 per month.

B&H: Made in Taiwan, this water filter is equipped with 3 filter cartridges. The price of the filter is about HK3,500 while that of the cartridge is about HK$100 per month.

Stiebel Eltron: This water filter is made in Korea and equipped with 2 to 4 filter cartridges. The selling price is about HK$2,000 while the installation fee is HK$500. The cartridge costs about HK$90 to HK$180 per month.

Doulton: With NSF 53 Certification, this American-made water filter is equipped with 1 to 2 filter cartridges and costs about HK$2,300 to HK$3,000. The installation fee is about HK$500 while the price of the cartridge is around HK$40 to HK$110 per month.

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