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Securities Account FAQ

You have to open a securities account before you trade stocks or iBond. You could compare the services and fees of banks and securities firms to find the best stock account for yourself.
You could consider factors such as your investment capital and your frequency of trading. In general, the commission of securities firms are cheaper than banks which is more suitable for investors with frequent trading.

You have to consider below factors when you open a securities account:

Before you consider whether to open an investment account, you should compare the service charges first. Different commission fee and custody fee for stock trading will directly impact the profit for your investment. Now you could compare in to find the best stock account among all banks and brokerage firms in Hong Kong.

Before you start your investment, you have to deposit fund in banks or securities firms. You should check to ensure the firms have obtained the proper licence or registration.

Most of the companies provide below platform for trading, but the service charges for different channels could be different:

  • Online Trading
  • Mobile Trading

If you choose online trading to trade securities, you could consider whether the platform providers latest news on the trend of the market stocks and real-time detailed stock analysis.

Now you have the basic understanding and you are now ready to open a securities account, kick start by comparing the commission charges for different banks and securities firms.

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