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What is the BOC Prepaid Credit Card?



Last Updated 13 September, 2013

The BOC prepaid credit card is one of Bank of China’s latest additions to the already long list of credit cards; only, with this card, there are no credit checks and long application queues. The BOC prepaid credit card is different in a sense that it works just like prepaid mobile services, you don’t have to pay for owning one but you do need to reload it to effectively use it.

Why should you own a BOC prepaid credit card?

By now you are probably wondering why we are making such a big deal out of this card; well, one of the many reasons is that it offers a bit more than a little convenience. Here is why you should also own a BOC prepaid credit card: 

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1) VISA Services:

The good thing is that this card can be uses VISA services, meaning that you can reap the benefits of using an ATM, anytime, anywhere.

2) Helps you control your expenses:

The card is convenient for both personal and business users as it is a safe way to ensure that you save money by spending within your desired limits. The value you decide to reload ranges from HKD 100 (minimum) and HKD 5,000 (maximum).

How exactly do I buy a BOC prepaid credit card?

Most, if not all, banks in Hong Kong have a prepaid credit card and it is available at your request - even big banks like Nanyang Commercial Bank and Chiyu Banking Cooporation.

All you do is stand behind the counter and buy it: there is no tedious paper work, and trust us when we say the queue is shorter than what you will usually find in banks.

Is there anything else I need to know about this BOC Credit card?

We have already established that card holders can use this card from anywhere in the world, the only downside is that you have to be in Hong Kong to reload it; however, you have the freedom of  checking your balance at which is available 24/7.

If you have not thought up of the perfect gift for a friend’s birthday, then don't be shy to reload a BOC credit card just for that special someone.