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Get the best International medical insurance plan in Hong Kong

We are committed to helping you save money by comparing and finding the best possible international medical insurance plans in the market .

Compare and Apply for the Best International Health Insurance in Hong Kong

We bring you independent and impartial information about different health insurance plans from Hong Kong’s top-rated insurance providers. MoneyHero.com.hk partners with the best insurance providers in the city, so you can expect only the best service that Hong Kong provides.

Why consider getting health insurance for you and your family? Medical insurance protects you against medical and healthcare expenses. With a wide variety of coverage and benefits available to groups, families, and and individuals, you can easily find the best plan that fits your budget and get access to the highest quality of medical and health services in Hong Kong, for less!

Hong Kong has one of the world’s best health care services, so you should definitely consider applying for insurance coverage today! Find out more about different types of covers offered by Hong Kong’s top medical insurance providers.

Avail of different types of coverage, such as dental cover, pre-existing conditions, cancer treatment, surgical fees, out-patient care, and inpatient care, as well as maternity coverage. The more comprehensive your insurance plan, the greater benefits you can receive from your policy.

Medical insurance also helps with preventive care: that means it helps protect you from diseases by giving you the opportunity to have vaccinations, health screenings, medical check-ups, as well as the necessary prescription drugs and other paraphernalia without having to spend as much money as compared to if you’re uninsured.

With the right health insurance plan, you get the best value services for the amount of premium you pay. In case of a medical emergency, you no longer have to worry about where to seek treatment and how to pay for expenses, knowing that your insurance provider has it covered.

Most insurance providers in Hong Kong keep hotlines open 24/7 should you need to file a claim and require compensation, you can pick up the phone and ask for assistance at any time, any day of the week.

Your health is your biggest asset. When you invest in your health by getting adequate insurance coverage, you can go about your daily business with the knowledge that no matter what happens, whether you fall ill or meet an accident, you and your family are financially protected.

Get quotes and compare health insurance plans today using MoneyHero’s comparison tool, and find a plan with the widest coverage and the most affordable terms for you and your family! You can also find group and expat insurance, and even travel insurance, which come available at competitive rates and comprehensive coverage from the best providers in Hong Kong.

Our comparison portal is free and easy to use, so start searching now. You can pick and choose the type and level coverage you need simply by customising our search filters. You can also compare plans by provider. Get impartial and unbiased results and find quality insurance coverage in Hong Kong today.

For more information about medical insurance in Hong Kong, visit our Health Insurance Guide.

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